Y.O.L.O. (You Only Love Once)

Of course, you don’t, you tell yourself.

We love a lot. One after another. Heartache after heartache. Circumstance after circumstance.

All love stories have the same elements. Two people. They meet, talk, fall in love, and the algorithm divides into Forever and Not. And if you end up being shattered into pieces, you weep and wail, and compose yourself. Before you know it, you’re out in the land of promise again, ready to mingle with the lions that are apparently more than prepared to spot you too, a prey.

You may hook up with a lion or a sheep in some boring cases but the bottomline is, you love again. You hope again. You go and get yourself bitten until you land in Forever.

There’s no rule that says you can’t love too many. Some people may judge but who can truly detest someone who’s only tireless when it comes to giving away a part of herself?

But when you hear the word love, tell me, who do you think of?

Do you think of all the men you’ve been with before all at once? No. Only one person will get into your mind.

Then in an instant, Thinking of You plays in your head. And you can’t help but compare him to the guy smiling in front of you, holding your hand.

The truth is, you only love once. Even I can attest it’a true.


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