Bloggers’ Eyeball

Friend: Aren’t you afraid of meeting them alone?
Me: Why? I shouldn’t be. Theyre bloggers from WordPress.

I don’t fancy meeting new people in social media networks and messengers. Growing up as an mIRC addict, I realized how impersonal it is. I talked to lots of people through that medium, even gave advices and shared my own stories. But I have lost touch of all of them now. I can’t even recall their names and the same goes for them too, I guess.

So where do you get virtual friends who can stay? In the blogosphere.

Can you imagine that I’ve been friends with Mark Yapching for 7 years now? Multiply was our home back then. Though we haven’t seen each other yet, here we are still exchanging stories and updates about each other’s lives from time to time.

I don’t know what it is about blogging that draws people together in a deeper sense. Perhaps it’s the honest exchange of thoughts, ideas, and experiences. You don’t worry that you’re going to be ignored or your stories will be unappreciated because to simply put it, bloggers are nosy! Kidding. They’re listeners as much as they are talkers.

I proved this when I met two blogger friends on impulse a few months back. Yes, sorry, this is another long overdue post. It felt really strange seeing them for the first time. Surprisingly, there were no dull moments. Lester, Addie, and I got along because of the Before series. If I’m not mistaken, I just read Lester’s review about Before Sunrise and the next thing we know, the three of us were chatting while watching Before Midnight at the same time.

Lester has a more detailed post about our meet-up here. I had a great time with these two. Our mini “eyeball” made me realize that although we live in a big world, there’s always a way to turn strangers into friends. And in the blogosphere where there’s freedom too mask true identities, you can still find real people.



Now I can finally put voices to those long blog posts and Facebook chats.

I know there’s gotta be some way for us to meet again. Just like Jessie and Celine.

Checkout Lester’s Lapiskamay and Addie’s Betwixt and Between. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Bloggers’ Eyeball

  1. oh wow I rememebr the mIRC days, the channels and the people that were on there, You just never knew who you were talking to but it was the only way to hop on eh? I bet some people i used to talk to are on WP right now and I’ve yet to meet them 😀

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