Sa ‘yo na lang by Jose

Sweet nothings are greater than grand gestures. When moments become memories, they stick around and we tend to cherish them more. Spur-of-the-moment sacrifices are better than ones that were carefully thought out. Because by giving her your drink instead of minding your own thirst first simply means putting her needs before your own – without thinking twice.

“Sayo Na Lang” By: Jose


Kunin mo na ang pagkain ko

Pati na rin ang softdrinks ko

At may kendi pa pala ako

Ipapabaon ko na din sayo

Ano pa ba ang gusto mo

Sige na at sabihin lang

Gusto mo pati puso ko

Ibibigay ko na din sayo


Kahit wala nang matira

Basta makita kang masaya

Ako ay ayos na, ako ay ayos na


Ubos na’ng laman ng bulsa ko

Okay lang kahit gutom na ko

May mabibigay pa ko sayo

Pagmamahal na hanap mo

Repeat Chorus


Ganyan naman talaga ang pagibig

Hindi humihingi ng kapalit

Basta’t ngiti mo lang ang sukli

Filipinos will definitely love the simplicity of the song. It’s straightforward and easy to listen to. I think it’s one-sided. In a good way, that is. It only talked about giving but never mentioned about getting something in return. Ahuh, the essence of selflessness in the trap called love. Some people take these simple gestures for granted but for some, these become the best memories – specks of time that they’d like to revisit every now and then. Just like me here.

This song is an original composition of my office mate, Jose. He’s a full-time designer and a full-time artist.

There. Just to let you see that he’s a busy man. Lol.

You can also check out his other original compositions and covers in his Soundcloud profile here.

Ganyan naman talaga ang pagibig

Hindi humihingi ng kapalit

Basta’t ngiti mo lang ang sukli

His face lit up when I got in the door unexpectedly in the middle of the tourney. He had big teeth but his all-out smile was priceless. It was worth skipping a major subject and a… 30-item test. Oh, what that trap does to people. Sa’ yo na oras ko, basta ngitian mo lang ako. 😉


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