Thanks for breaking out the ugly truth

I won’t be talking about what it is because each of us deals with a whole lot of it from the various facets of our life. Ugly truths are not only confined in complicated relationships but in other aspects of our living, and each person definitely has a different perception about their own roster of ugly truths.

There are those who welcome them with gratitude for the salvation it brings but there are also those who are in denial, choosing to be secured by blindness and ignorance, and of course there are those who are simply and genuinely clueless about it.

Let’s face it. Our social sphere is now full of lies, deceit, and pretense. For years now, we are set to play mind games, cautious of what we’re getting into and of what others will perceive our actions to be. We are torn between showing our vulnerabilities and coming out invincible.

Lucky for us, there are people who are meant to slap the unpleasant reality to our faces. They are people who will risk hurting us at the moment to spare us from getting deeper wounds in the future.

Fortunately, before we fall into the bottomless pit of lies, they are there to rescue us from being eternally blinded by the ugly truth. These God-given people refuse to say “everything is going to be okay” because they know that it’s not. They are not fond of using euphemisms just for us to feel comfortable for a short period of time before the sharp pangs of reality set in. They choose to be harsh, picking out words that sting for your vision to be clearer.

They urge you to do what reverts the lies without being coercive. Because they know that at the end of the day, it’s still your decision that will matter.

It’s comforting to know that we have this kind of people in our lives, choosing to stay even if we’re being stubborn most of the time.

Thank you to you, people, who never tire to do that for me.


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