Pizza Warehouse, Glorietta 3, Makati

Out with the cousins on a Sunday afternoon, we looked for a new pizza place to try. I must say, we found a good one that day! It’s the newly opened Pizza Warehouse at 2F, Glorietta 3.




We ordered an 18-inch pizza and had half of it All Meat flavor and half Combo. We had it sliced into 6, one for each of us. It was worth it because…



One slice is as big as this paper plate!

Pizza heaven!

Cheesy goodnessΒ topped generously! If I we didn’t have shakes before we ate, I bet I can even finish two slices!


It’s a place packed with simplicity. Choose a pizza and a drink and you’re off to your seats to eat. No hassle at all. It makes me imagine the pizza place where The Weekenders hang out after school. Hihi! Since they sell it per slice, I know I’ll be back here some time soon! Pizzzaaaaaaaaa!!!!! πŸ™‚


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