Red Button Production: Pushing the Passion for Music

The thing about mainstream artists is that, they veer from their persona to compromise with their producers. Some and hopefully, not all of them forget their own genre and their own styles for the sake of delivering what the masses want to hear and see. This isn’t to say that going mainstream is unacceptable. There are lot of great mainstream songs and artists. But I think this only brings out the value and the beauty of Indie Music.

Indie Music is where you can listen to passion translated into another universal language without error. It’s the soul speaking without the influence of unstoppable fame and overflowing talent fees. It’s pushing passion with utmost sincerity, only driven by the appreciation of people who love listening to their original music. Imagine the hours they put into rendering their thoughts into words, finding the right notes to fit them, arranging, tuning their own guitars, setting up their own make-shift studios, and finally uploading their edited mp3 files online. Now, that’s not a simple DIY but Indie artists pull it off easily because of their burning fervor for their craft.

Luckily, there are people who exert effort to gather the Indie artists in one place for them to share their music. For one, Red Button Production based in Makati regularly invites brilliant Indie bands and solos in Mang Rudy’s Tuna Grill and Papaitan.


Almost every month, a good number of Indie bands come together to share their original compositions at Mang Rudy’s. With the place jam-packed with passionate artists, it’s somewhere you should be on a Saturday night. You don’t only get to hear good music, you also get to hang out face to face with people who are in love with their art.

Here are some pictures from Red Button’s last event Rough Draft, One More Beat:



And there’s another gig coming up this Saturday! Check out the line up:

If you live in Makati and you don’t have anywhere to go or anything to do this Saturday, you might as well hit me up so we can chill together at Mang Rudy’s. It’s definitely going to be one great night with music, new friends, and a few bottles of booze.

Also, don’t forget to like Red Button Production’s Facebook page here. See you!


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