Chillin’ at 19 East

Most local bands and artists would say that their favorite place to hold gigs is in 19 East in Sucat. Radha, a famous singer here in the Philippines said that 19 East has the best sound system in Manila. After checking their gig guide, my cousins and I set one Saturday night for chilling there. We chose the Saturday with Nina and MYMP since my cousins are classmates with Nina and her siblings. Who isn’t amazed by Nina?




A few years ago, Juris decided to go solo. MYMP was gone for a while until they found a new lead vocalist, Janna. At 21 years old, I must say this young woman has a promising future in music. She may not be as flawless as the legendary Juris but I’m sure she’ll get a hang of it since she’s only been in the band for 10 months. Welcome back to the music scene, MYMP. You carry on and Make Your Mommas Proud. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 20140621_221808_LLS 20140621_222940 20140621_223037


Here’s my favorite song in high school, I’ll Never Get Over You. Don’t mind me singing along. LOL.

The soul siren never fails. Most of us must wonder where Nina is now since she doesn’t appear on TV as often as before. Well, here she is, still as faultless as ever. Besides her immaculate voice, her effortless charismaย stirred the crowd. She charms, she wows, and she mesmerizes.

20140622_001206 20140622_001347 20140622_001413_LLS

She sang Jealous and her other top notch songs but I can’t share them with you because you can only hear my voice in the videos. I was too carried away that I sang along so loudly. :/

My brother with Janna. He doesn’t like taking pictures with celebrities but I was surprised he really stood up and asked me if he can have his picture taken with her. Hmmm!
With MYMP’s Chin.

20140622_012402_1All the fans circled around Nina after her set. Luckily, my cousin was tall enough for her to see him. So we all get to have a picture with her.

That night was amazing – with all the elements to make it complete. I had some booze, listened to great and timeless music, and I was with the best people – my cousin loves.

Visit 19East’s website here for their gig schedule.


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