Social Media Saves the Day: My Top Gear Story

I went home like a former MVP who never scored a single point at a game the day after my S4 got stolen. I borrowed my uncle’s laptop to go online after I had my breakfast. Then I had a long phone call with my mother who was bound for the city to get me a new phone. I can finally attest that it’s hard not to own a smart phone these days. Feeling tired and stressed, I fell asleep immediately after the call only to be woken up again just after two hours. My cousin from the States messaged my mom that my IDs were all over Facebook.

I jerked and tried to remember if I took pictures of my IDs using my phone, but I know I didn’t. I started to be anxious again while I turned the laptop on. I had around 50 messages, 30 friend requests, and a few mentions on Facebook. Because Top Gear Philippines posted this:



Only a few minutes after it was posted, my cousin Dax who’s based in L.A. messaged my mom.


The comments are overwhelming. You can read them here. I know I had to reply. 1Two of my most important IDs were stolen along with my phone and I didn’t have an idea that they were also gone. The messages, tags, and phone calls from family, friends, and concerned netizens kept on coming until late in the afternoon. I spent the next few hours trying to wrap my head around the whole situation. So, this is how it felt like to be “viral”, I mused.

I planned to let the long weekend pass before I went to the said address to claim my IDs. During the weekend, I still kept on receiving messages from people who I don’t know, from my family and friends who were informed by people who were fans of TGP’s Facebook page. After work last October 6, with a friend and Google Maps, I found Brgy. 601’s office. With the help of the Brgy. Chairman, we went to the house of Kagawad Marc Ambrosio who was Mar Torres’ friend. Mar Torres was the one who found my IDs somewhere around their area and I believe he was also the one who asked TGP to post them online.

With Kagawad Marc Ambrosio outside his home.

Losing my phone didn’t only teach me to be extra careful. It made me realize that I should keep in touch with people who I’m taking for granted because I’m too busy sleeping when I’m not working. That and so much more that I’d like to keep to myself.

Thank you to Sir Mar Torres, Kagawad Marc Ambrosio, Top Gear Philippines, and around 100 people who messaged me to say that my IDs were found. I still receive messages until now. This is also to let you know that I got them back.

What can Social Media do for you? It’s a digital, interactive, and proactive Lost and Found channel. It can save you from the hassle of going back and forth to the government offices for renewal. It is quick. It is efficient. And it gives one the hope that in a society where corruption and deception prevail, there are still millions of others who value honesty, sincerity, and concern for another’s affair.

P.S. Read the first part of this story HERE!



6 thoughts on “Social Media Saves the Day: My Top Gear Story

  1. Good to know na may mabait pa. I’ve read the first part of the story. It’s amazing na kung kailan di mo ginamit ang phone mo, dun pa nachambahan na manakaw. Ingat na lang sa susunod na phone mo.

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