12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub, Century City Mall, Makati

What does it take for a new resto bar to stand out in the metro? Friendly and accommodating crew, an exquisite menu, an entertaining stage, or a swanky and comfortable location? Well, in a concrete jungle that claims to make things happen, it certainly takes the whole package to be distinct and favored.

Right off the bat, 12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub hit it big when it opened. I’ve been hearing a lot about this new place and I was so ecstatic that I got the chance to try it out. I left the venue delighted with my palate pleased and my stomach full. That and lots of other reasons that I’ll be so happy to share with you.


I am not overstating when I say that 12 Monkey’s menu is simply on point. For starters, we flocked to the buffet table with a wide selection of Mongolian delight. They call this the “Crazy Monkey Stir Fry”. With 70 ingredients laid on the two long tables, you certainly won’t run out of what to mix.  I’ve been craving for squid balls for a while now and as you all know, I’m a carnivore so I had chicken tenders and pork tenderloin with that. The waitress was very accommodating and patient with all my questions and she also suggested what goes well with what.





Here’s my bowl. Don’t hate. Haha. I know other foodies will hate me for taking a small helping, but I knew I had to allot more space for the other dishes that night. My choices were sauteed with Chili Sriracha Sauce. Just the kick that I needed. It was so appetizing. I’m actually craving for the sauce right now.

Pica-Pica To Chika

Spam Fries (P325)
St. Peter’s Eggs (P350)

Rice Bowl

Midnight in Pares (P365)

Picha Pie

Ivan’s Palabok Pizza (P395)
Chito’s Street Corner Picha Pie (P300)
Illuminati (P495)
GP’s Parma Ham and Truffle (P650)


Chunky Monkey Pie (P345)


Sweet Monkeys
Mr. Q-cumber

I’d have to say the menu is posh, but it has a touch of the Filipino drinking culture. You can find the most common pulutans, only with modern and perky names. The same goes with their wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. So, what do I like best from what they served us? All the pizzas and the Spam Fries. I can gobble them all up on my own.

Interiors and Acoustics








It’s hard to come by with the perfect chairs, colors, and lights. With perfect, I mean both pleasing to the eye and comfortable. 12 Monkeys sure is spot on with these. My eyes did not strain and I was very relaxed on my seat.  Also, one of the things that I pointed out when I talked to one of the owners was their amazing acoustics. The music was loud enough to be enjoyed, but not too distracting to disrupt conversations. 100 pogi points!

The View

No need for words.

The 12 Monkeys

Four of the great minds of 12 Monkeys: DJ Keith Haw, Champ Lui Pio, Neil Paras, and Chef Pete Ayson
Four of the great minds of 12 Monkeys: DJ Keith Haw, Champ Lui Pio, Neil Paras, and Chef Pete Ayson


It was also nice to chat with the owners. They were very accommodating. With the way they answered our questions, you’ll see that they are all hands-on and passionate about their business.

Shout out to Aldous of Aldous Ate the World for inviting me. It was such a fun night with good food, great music, and new friends.

With 12 Monkeys owners and fellow bloggers

They say two heads is better than one. Well, what happens to a restaurant owned by 12? Amazing happens.

12 Monkeys Music Hall and Pub is located at the 5th Level, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City.
For reservations, contact 0917-570-3222.
For private event inquiries, email 12monkeyspub@gmail.com. Doors open at 5 pm.
Instagram and Twitter: @12MonkeysPH
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/12MonkeysPH


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