I saw the rock star Pope!

Pope Francis, the reigning Pope of the Catholic Church and the Vatican’s head of state, is currently here in the Philippines. Weeks before his visit, I already got bummed whenever I think about the rerouting, heavy traffic, and the “no work, no pay” policy that will come with his stay. For one, I am not of the same faith; and two, I dislike those who worship him and forget about God.

We have seen and read news and articles about him as the People’s Pope and from that, I have realized that he is a person worth emulating. He is not above us. He is among us. But his love and concern for others, especially for the poor and the poor in spirit, is certainly worthy of our appreciation. Without even us following him on social media, we can see others posting about his cheerful disposition, progressive outlook, and unique ways in running the Catholic Church.

As a Filipino, I am thankful for his presence because for devotees he is a symbol of hope and that is what the typhoon-stricken Tacloban is in dire need of. Without a doubt, his visit lifted up the survivors’ heavy hearts and his words left them with incomparable comfort.

Pope Francis, wearing a yellow raincoat, waves to pilgrims after holding a mass at Tacloban's airportI watched his arrival on live TV and I admit, I got ecstatic too. No one can simply deny his charisma and his tireless to-die-for smile. Unexpectedly, I was able to have a three-second glimpse on him on my way home from work when our bus was blocked for his convoy to the airport bound for Tacloban last Saturday.

I am big with celebrities, famous or not. He is for me, a big one. A rock star. And I’m really happy and still giddy that I got to see his charming and adorable face (grits teeth).

Here’s a video clip that shows his wit:


And an article showing some of his heartwarming moments to date:


And one that tells of his words of wisdom:


His visit is indeed a blessing, not only to Catholics, but to the Filipinos as a country. For all the comfort, hope, and joy that he brought to my country, I thank him too.

“I walk with you all, with all my silent heart.” -Pope Francis

To read more about the Papal’s Visit to the Philippines, click here.


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