Big Bad Wolf, Taguig City

In another realm, the wolf is a ferocious and very intuitive creature. Its hunting skills are remarkable that it can raid the forest with supreme confidence. Although deadly, it is an exceptional pathfinder – one that can guide you to where you ought to be.

So if you are lost in the spirals of the Burgos Circle in Taguig City, let hunger, thirst, and fate lead you to the Big Bad Wolf. Here, you are not a prey, but you are the one who devours.


Big Bad Wolf is owned by three young and equally adventurous men – Neil Paras, Ponch Del Rosario, and Mac Cunanan. The menu is jam-packed with creative and savory dishes by Chef Constancio Antonio P. Diaz IV and Chef Milo Cruz. Here are some of what we ravaged that afternoon:

Poached egg Carbonara (340php) – carbonara with santol smoked bacon and butter roasted shiitake

Not so creamy, not so heavy, but well-seasoned. The Poached Egg Carbonara is just the way I want it.

Strip Steak (comes in 400g/950php and 200g/550php) – smoked pepper and herb rub, ponzu, basil butter, sriracha salt with a side of grilled asparagus and housecut fries

I can gobble this whole plate myself. The meat is cooked perfectly. It’s probably one of the best I’ve had in my whole life. I can’t get over its tenderness and juicy goodness. I take my potatoes seriously too, and I must say, these strips are really good that they can even be a seller in itself.

Ox Tripe Sandwich (290php) – salsa verde, salsa picante, baguettini, dipping brotch
Chorizo Pizza
Bastard Hot Wings (320php whole/170php half) – glazed with bastard hot sauce and comes with house boursin dip

My fixation for chicken can’t be cured anymore. My weakness, in particular, is hot chicken wings. I bow down to this plate for being one of the best I’ve had so far. It is definitely my favorite among everything that was served to us. It’s hotness goes down to the core.

Breakfast Fish & Chips (240php) – beer battered paprika dory, potato strings, fried egg
Callos (190php) – chorizo meatballs, ox tripe, beef cheek
Squid Ink Pasta (320php) – bacon fat, mixed seafood, orange hollandaise
Disco Berries

Relax yourself with a glass of Disco Berries. A glass was perfect for me since I still had work after. This is an ideal ladies’ drink. It’s just enough to calm your insides.

Big Bad Wolf’s interiors make me feel like I’m Little Red Riding Hood. I imagine it as the house where her grandmother lives. It is vintage, cozy, homey, and light. The fixtures are reminiscent of a classic family home.

Choose a table on the ground floor if you wish to have an intimate meal with your company.

20141218_181537_LLS 20141218_181555_LLS 20141218_181603_LLS 20141218_181724_LLS 20141218_181758_LLS

Or you can go upstairs where the bar is for a round or two with your friends. 20141218_191322_LLS

20141218_191404_LLS 20141218_191459_LLS

Aldous, Neil Paras, Elal, me, and Nicole

Check out their pages too:

Elal’s blog:

Nicole’s blog:


Your hunt for the perfect hangout in the big city is over. Traverse to the roads leading to the Big Bag Wolf and be ready for sumptuous and ravishing delights.

Big Bad Wolf is located at the Forbes Town Center,

Burgos Circle ,Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Open from 10am – 1opm.

Instagram and Twitter: @bigbadwoflph


Thanks Aldous of Aldous Ate the World for the invite!


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