La Union Food Photo Dump

You wouldn’t have a hard time looking for restaurants around La Union’s surf beach. They’re just all across. But thanks to Rafa, we also tried others that are not in the vicinity. Here’s what we had:

1. Complimentary breakfast at the Circle Hostel. Soft and savory pandesal with Cheez Whiz or peanut butter spread and bananas. Manong magtataho also drops by to wake the whole neighborhood up every morning. You can buy ordinary coffee (P15/cup) too. Take just enough for some energy to surf, but not too much that you’ll bloat. The Circle also has homegrown lemongrass, basil, thyme, etc. in their lawn so tea lovers can have their freshly brewed cup of tea from The Circle before setting out to the sea.


Basti and a cup of lemongrass tea. 

Credits to Kira for the photo. A photo of a dog in a post about food. Why not?

2. El Union Coffee is a place where you can get lots of Instagram-worthy photos. It is located right across the surf beach/Sebay Resort. Along with their divine selection of hot and cold coffee are chocolate-y mouth-watering desserts. They’re about to transfer in a bigger place so let’s watch out for that. Instagrammers will surely be ecstatic!

Opening Hours: Tue – Sun, 9am – 3pm and 6pm – 9pm

Instagram: @elunionIMG_20150228_095414


Hot Mocha Coffee (P100)
S'mores galore on our last night! El Union's S'mores. I loved it even if I'm not really a fan of marshmallows. Photo by Kira.
S’mores galore on our last night! El Union’s S’mores. I loved it even if I’m not really a fan of marshmallows. Photo by Kira.

3. Riverfarm Seafood Restaurant offers fresh seafood and delectable beef and pork dishes. Enjoy the refreshing mountain sea breeze as you dine in a floating hut in the midst of fish ponds! Their inihaw na liempo is a must-try.

Located at Km. 282 National Highway, Bocnotan, La Union


IMG_20150228_142418 image image

4. Gefseis Greek Grill is just beside El Union Coffee. We had Saganaki (Greek Fried Cheese) for starters and I had Pastitsio (baked macaroni). I’m not a fan of Greek food, so it wasn’t that great for me. The place was jam packed the night so our orders came in late too. But I have read a lot of good reviews about their food and heard that lots of people deem it as one of the restaurants that define La Union. They’ll also be transferring in a better location in a month’s time.


Pastitsio (P150)
Jenn’s steak

4. Robia and Arby’s Lechon Manok and Canteen may look like an ordinary carinderia, but their lechon manok (grilled chicken) and liempo (grilled pork belly) are definitely far from the typical. One whole lechon manok and a slice of liempo was good enough for a hungry group of 7. Their lechon manok is juicy with ample flavor – not bland, not too salty. Baliwag’s can be a little too salty and Chooks to go’s can be a little sweet, at least for me. Theirs is just right. Their liempo is also sumptuous and very crunchy. Still no match to Ramboy’s though. It’s the perfect place to go to after an intense surfing session, but if you’re worried about your bikini body, then you can just drop by before heading back to the city or your hometown.

Located along the National Highway across the Coke Plant. It’s on your left if you’re coming from San Juan’s surf beach.


IMG_20150301_131954You can’t resist pigging out when you visit La Union. The place has these for you to delight in. You might as well get a kick out of those, right? La Union is about going with the tide, after all.


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