The boy who cried books

How far will you go for your dream? Will you go as far as turning your back on your family and moving thousands of kilometers away from your comfort zone on your own? All for his passion for education, Justin did. He ran away from home, bought books, and sold them on the streets. His firm belief system and love for books sustain him from day-to-day. With the help of friends and media, he became viral. Book donations and other forms of assistance came in. Read about his story here and here.


I met the boy who cried books and he got me thinking about what really mattered to me. I was tasked to hand him books donated by the Palabasalibro team and I’m so glad my friend Hannah and I had the chance to chat with him and listen to his interview with a writer of a certain school paper in the metro.




He is bizarre. His ideas run wild. His strength and tenacity are admirable.  Even at 19, he has a clear description of himself and a vision of what he wants to be in life. And he is someone that we who are still lost in our mid-twenties should seek inspiration from.  If we only bank on our strengths, amplify our persistence, and challenge ourselves more to take risks, we’ll get to where we want to be.

Where to find him:

Facebook page: theboywhocriedbooks

Personal account: Justin Adriel Decastro (feel free to add him up) 



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