Just another simple clamor


Oftentimes I wish they were all one and the same. And sometimes I wish I never thought I was good enough at something else and some people didn’t believe so too. That way, my life is just a straight path. No crossroads, no detours.

But every day I pray for that so-called serenity to accept the things that I cannot change because I am where I am now because of His purpose. Perhaps to teach me a lesson or to redirect me to the path that everyone else wanted me to tread? I will never know. What I am sure of is that He’ll be faithful to complete it. I can’t redeem the life that I’ve always wanted since I was 12 anymore because I’ve already built a permanent barrier against it when I didn’t keep an eye on it back then. But maybe it’s because I was meant to live a life greater than what I desired.

The countdown starts before playtime is over.


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