Making My Papa Proud with My Strong Hand

When we were younger, Papa used to improvise a mini shooting range for us. Using his air gun, we aimed at empty cans and bottles. I felt like hitting them was a breeze back then. One time, I got ecstatic when he said I can shoot with his revolver, but when I saw him fire it, I chickened out. I got frightened by the smoke coming from the barrel and all the more petrified of the recoil. From that day on, I never really cared about holding a real gun ever again. I was contented with shooting robots and morbid-looking bunnies in the arcade using pellet guns. This was never in my bucket list, but oh boy, fate has its tricky ways of throwing me into a shooting range.

A woman’s got to have a strong hand to fire guns.

Miss Jinky invited my blogger friends and I to Stronghand Shooting Range last week. That was my first time to be in a real shooting range. I imagined it to have burnished walls and ceilings, to smell like sweat and dust, and to feel humid. But we were welcomed to an air-conditioned basement with a charming lobby instead.



They also have a coffee shop named Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The serene and airy environment immediately tells you that this is a family friendly shooting range. As we toured, it was explained to us that the place is equipped with turbine air exchangers that has hepa filters which makes it a toxic-free environment. Perfect, because I have asthma and I cannot die when I was supposed to learn how to shoot so I can fight for my life.

Stronghand is also a teaching range. Before anything else, we were gathered in their seminar room to learn the guidelines in precision shooting. Sir Randy taught us the fundamentals of gun safety. I understood what the millimeters and calibres meant, learned differences between the types of guns and bullets, and realized that action stars held their guns wrong.




The essentials: target board, headphone-style ear protectors, safety goggles, gun, ammo, courage, and discipline


Me, Issa, Jenn, Kira, and Aldous aiming at… the photographer? Nope, our guns were still unloaded when this picture was taken.

“Possession is a privilege, not a right,” said Sir Randy. Any man who has a license to hold firearms should be responsible gun owners. And they should be cautious enough not to hurt others unintentionally especially themselves. Ahem. Jolo. Ahem.

Blogger friends that surf together and shoot together. What’s our next action-packed experience? Haha.

It wasn’t like what I see in the movies. Precision shooting requires more than just picking up the gun, racking up the slide, and pulling the trigger as soon as you get hold of it. It’s hard! The gun was heavy, the grip was too wide (for me), the target was too high (also for me), and the sound of the shot and the recoil were startling. But each shot I fired gave me PVCs (premature ventricular contractions) or in other words, each shot made my heart skip a beat. It made my insides shake. Good thing the range masters were patient with me and they also assured us from time to time that they were there to keep us all safe. It was an adrenalin-pumping, serotonin-inducing experience. I loved it.

Where did the other 7 bullets go? I aimed them at imaginary target boards. Haha! But if this target board were a real person, I’ve probably hit his right atrium, spleen, esophagus, and diaphragm. Man, that’s more than enough to make him stop breathing. The best part of it all? My Papa was there to see me show off my strong hand. Because the shooting range has a 180 degree viewing window, he was able to take pictures of me while he enjoyed his coffee from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Thanks, Stronghand and Miss Jinky of RMDC! This was a Make Your Papa Proud moment.

Go and show off your guns and prove that you have a strong hand too. 

Stronghand Shooting Range is located at

La Defense Building,

1660 E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Cubao Quezon City

Open from 10am – 7pm (Mondays – Saturdays),

10am – 5pm (Sundays), inquire on holidays



Tel. No. +632.721.7174

6 thoughts on “Making My Papa Proud with My Strong Hand

    1. I guess it’s better that there are shooting ranges so that gun owners have the proper venue for their hobby. It all boils down to the government recognizing the people who can truly be responsible for owning a gun.

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