Terraz Bistro & Meetings, Zuellig Building, Makati City

It’s impossible for us to eat breakfast like a King, but we can always have it like a CEO. But where?

Terraz is an intimate and sleek restaurant housed at the statuesque LEED-certified Zuellig Building in the bustling Makati CBD. It is the most ideal spot for social events and corporate meetings. We were invited to try their new breakfast courses and of course, I said yes right away!

The Continental Mini Buffet

For only P245, you can enjoy this wide selection of the most popular breakfast foods. Aside from these, you can also enjoy their fruit compote (pineapple, pear, peach with cottage cheese), oatmeal with ala minute honey, and home made muesli.

Breads, rolls, Danish pastries with jam and butter. You can ask the waiter to have the bread reheated.

Salad, plain and fruit yogurt, mixed greens salad with dressings and condiments, salad of the day
I had a piece of bread with butter and syrup, ensaymada, a bowl of cereal with milk, and brewed coffee.

Main Courses for Breakfast

You can already get enough fuel to grind for a rough morning at work from the Continental Mini Buffet, but to help you be pumped up for a whole day, you can also add a main course for only P350. This choice would be perfect to keep your mind running through long meetings too. In addition to their Filipino breakfast, Terraz recently launched their Western and Japanese breakfast main courses.

Western Breakfast

As a picky eater, I chose the Western breakfast. I had Smoked Bacon, Hashbrown Potatoes, and scrambled eggs, and Roasted Herbed Tomato. You can also change the smoked bacon to Chicken Polata, Pork Ham, or Meat Loaf and the Hashbrown Potatoes with Challah French Toast if you wish. I loved everything on my plate. Crispy bacon, fluffy omelette, and hashbrowns with no trace of being commercial. Yummy!

Special thanks to Chef Arnold for taking the time to teach me how to make scrambled eggs fluffy and delicious. One secret that I can share you is this: cook wholeheartedly and happily and leave all the problems tucked up in your back pocket.

Filipino Breakfast

Aldous had the Filipino breakfast. He chose the In-house Beef Tapa over the Garlic Longaniza, Homemade Tocino, and Daing na Bangus. The course is also served with garlic rice, omelette, and Terraz atchara and sinamak dip.

Japanese Breakfast

Michelle, Raintree Restuarant’s Marketing Officer and Jenn had the Japanese Breakfast. This one is served with Salmon Belly Teriyaki and Bonito Flakes, a Choice of Scallion Scrambled Eggs, Japanese Plain Rice, Sesame Spinach, Mushrooms, and Japanese Miso Soup.

You get two eggs on your plate and you can choose to have them as sunny side-up, over-easy, omelette, or poached. Also, you can ask them to put other ingredients like ham and cheese on your omelette. When asked what he wanted on his, Aldous told the waiter, “Everything!” Talk about getting the value for money.

You can enjoy the Breakfast Buffet from Mondays to Fridays from 7am to 10am.


Earthly colors never fail to lighten the mood. The comfortable chairs and plush booth ease you up a lot. It’s the ambiance that you need to help you relax through the backbreaking agenda you and your colleagues need to tackle on a hot afternoon.

20150401_082928 20150401_083045 20150401_083101 20150401_092818

Open kitchen. Look at Chef Arnold in action. I expected to hear ramblings from the kitchen, but all I heard were calm instructions and laughter.Smooth operatators! LOL.  😉

Conference Rooms

For added privacy during conferences and meetings, Terraz has 6 well-appointed rooms. They can cater to a standard capacity of 4 to 32 people. They offer flexible function room rates with consumable food and drinks. You can even have flowing coffee in addition to their meal options. I love the concept. It makes meetings more convenient and manageable.

Wine Room

20150401_105058 20150401_104955 Al Fresco Dining

For fresh air, you can opt to dine outside. Terraz has a great view of the Makati CBD. At night, Michelle says the lights are dim. Ah, Terraz turns into a romantic rendezvous when the clock strikes six. It is the perfect spot for “we have to talk” moments. Both “it’s not you, it’s me” and “can we be forever?” moments, that is.

20150401_105732 20150401_083010 20150401_082958 IMG_20150401_115046 20150401_101159

Terraz features modern comfort cuisine that suits the cosmopolitan lifestyle. They also serve cool cocktails with tapas and sangrias for quick chill time after a hard day’s work.

Our breakfast turned into lunch because we had a wonderful time chatting. Thank you, Aldous and Michelle for inviting Jenn and me. I totally enjoyed a simulation of being part of the corporate world. 20150401_112410

Terraz is only one of the many members of the Raintree restaurant family. I have only tried Simple Lang aside from it. Have you tried dining in any of their restaurants? I’d like to read about your experience too. 🙂

Terraz Bistro & Meetings is also byRaintreeRestuarants. Itis located at 3/FZuellig Building,Makati Ave. corPaseo deRoxas,Makati City

Tel. Nos.  +632-625-4831 or +632-625-4832
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raintreeterraz?fref=ts

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