Uncle Cheffy, Taguig City

When I entered Uncle Cheffy’s premises and realized that they were launching all home-made corned beef creations, I wanted to back out from the event. For one, I don’t eat corned beef and two, it would be a shame if I just sit there and blog about them without even tasting their new dishes.



But Uncle Cheffy is known for their panizza and I thought, they would probably create a corned beef rendition of that. So I told my taste buds and my tummy to behave because I won’t let them stop me from trying something new. I may be a carnivore, but I just can’t understand why I can’t stand corned beef.

From its humble beginnings, Uncle Cheffy has grown to 21 branches in just 5 years. The stability and popularity of the brand don’t freeze the creative minds of Sir Larry and Chef Mau. They always brainstorm for something new to bring to the table. Sir Larry said that it’s hard to build a brand in the highly competitive food industry. But,  he and Chef Mau have discovered a secret that would ensure their win in the food business and he was generous enough to share it with us. Set the price, taste, and originality right and you’ll ace it.

True enough, they set the bar high on originality with their home-made corned beef creations.

Corned Beef Panizza (P495)

Whew. Panizza. I’m safe. Of course, I chose the part with lesser corned beef for my first slice. But oh man, all the corned beef that I have eaten in my life must be so bad, because I got two more slices of this with lots of corned beef in it and I didn’t gag, I only came for more.

Mediterranean Corned Beef (P320)

This is me being adventurous – trying out corned beef dishes. I got a huge chunk of the Mediterranean Corned Beef and kept asking myself, is this really corned beef? Because this is delicious. In fact, this was everybody’s favorite.

Mushroom and Corned Beef Salpicao (P295)
Corned Beef Curry (P295)
Corned Beef Pasta (P230)

Corned Beef Salpicao and Corned Beef Curry sound weird, but they didn’t taste bizarre at all. Their salpicao has the kick of spice that I always look for in a salpicao dish and you can distinguish the subtle taste of corned beef on the curry too.

Corned Beef Sinigang (P350)

I didn’t have the guts to try the pasta and the sinigang. But the other bloggers said they liked the lightness of the pasta and they wished the sinigang was more sour.

UC Fried Chicken

Sir Larry sat with us on the table for a chitchat about his partnership with Chef Mau. I got ecstatic when he said that they are also launching the UC Fried Chicken. Oh, boy, now here comes my forte! What sets this chicken apart is its only ingredient is salt. We were told that they researched on the science of salt. What made it juicy and savory is the right timing – perhaps in how long it is bathed in it, we’ll never know. It tastes like Max’s chicken, only juicier, but as a chicken lover, I think it could use some more… salt?

The geniuses behind Uncle Cheffy’s chain of restaurants, Chef Mau and Sir Larry Cortez. These two have surely come a long way from being simple restaurant staff in the 80’s.


After the food tasting, we were challenged to a quiz bee contest. I was glad to be grouped with bloggers who are as competitive as I am because we won!

I had a lot of fun at Uncle Cheffy’s. The fact that it changed my perception about corned beef is enough reason for you to try their homemade corned beef creations. It’s one for the books of the corned beef lovers. Thank you, Sir Larry and Chef Mau, and Aldous for the invite!

Uncle Cheffy is located at Venice Piazza, Mckinley Hill, Taguig City

Check their other locations on their website: http://www.unclecheffygroup.com/

Tel No. (02) 845 1073 / (02) 845 1053

Email: unclecheffy@ymail.com

Twitter: @iamunclecheffy

Facebook: facebook.com/unclecheffy

Instagram: @uncle_cheffy


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