Soul Surfing: Seizing Serotonin from the Sea

The usual probinsiyana in the big city struggles and tiresome weekday routine toughened me up a year after I moved to Manila. But these same things made me a little less cheerful, distant, and even more pessimistic than I usually allow myself to be. I didn’t even have the motivation to do something about it other than sleep through it.

The stunning La Union sunset.

Then came the invite to surf in La Union! When your lungs need a breath of fresh air and your flesh needs some real probinsiya vibes, a chance comes for you have it. We traveled all the way to LU on a Friday night and stayed at The Circle. [Click to read about the experience here] I’m a daredevil and I’m always at my fingertips for adventures and surfing is in my bucket list, but I’m a bit hesitant because I don’t know how to swim (shame on me). I held back my excitement at first and asked if I can still surf even if floating is all that I can do to save myself from drowning. AND HURRAY IT’S OKAY!11039091_894307683966324_2749501915912979176_n

All of us were gathered to learn the basics and safety instructions on surfboarding before we were let loose in the sea. I was shaking as I listened to the instructors. I felt so unsure as we walked towards the sea. What if I fall and the leash strangles me?

I fell on my first attempt, but I ignored my fear when I realized that if I keep my balance, I can do it. On my second attempt, I finally rode the waves! It was enough for me to keep on paddling farther back to the sea and riding back to the shore on that pink surfboard. That day, I checked off another item on my bucket list and found a new addiction.


We woke up early the next day so sore, but so stoked to surf. Ah, if only I can do it every weekend, I would!



The waves were more aggressive the next day, but I managed to ride a few before I was washed out by a huge one. I got sore, but it didn’t make me feel sorry, it only made me crave for more. Surfing set me on a high and gave me another reason to love the open waters.




From other online reviews, you’ll read that the waves at the Urbiztondo Beach are ideal both for beginners and advanced surfers. The hospitality of the locals make up for the  shorter beach strip. In La Union, there are no strangers. When you flash a smile at somebody, you’ll surely get a beam and a wink back. I left the beach with an aching body, but also with one that’s overflowing with happy hormones.

I surely seized an ample amount of serotonin to get me back on track. It’s a trip that gave me sea-panx so bad. I miss you, La Union.


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