Friendships Through Crisp and Thin

It was the summer of 2008 when all we ever thought of was getting some pizza after 4-hour Anatomy Lab classes. Hannah lived in a two-storey apartment just two blocks away from school. Because there was still a Greenwich branch just across the university, we’d often order a pan and a plate of lasagna and have lunch at her apartment. Thin crust pizza, laughter, and my barkada… I wish life was always like that summer. We’d skip class after because we were too hooked on the movie we decided to watch. That or we fell asleep because we were too full.


Just recently, I was invited along with other bloggers to taste Greenwich’s relaunched Crispy Thins as part of Yassi Pressman’s kick off as their new endorser. I will never say no to pizza even if I looked like a glutton.


All-Meat Pizza P230 (9″) P362 (12″)


Pepperoni Pizza P219 (9″) P340 (12″)
7-Cheese Pizza P230 (9″) P362 (12″)
Mango Pearl Cooler (P50)


Choco Banana Crisp (P120)

Crispy and bursting with flavor. That’s what I like best about Greenwich’s Crispy Thins. The lesser the crust, the more flavor, and the bigger the chance of getting more slices! Oh yeah. I can have them every day.

Greenwich has always aced the food arena when it comes to customer service. Their staff is approachable and helpful. Also, their menu matches the demands of the ultimate pizza lovers. Their different Barkada Feasts fit right for various cliques.

I wish we took more pictures that summer of 2008. Does anybody in my main clique have any? Because those photos can proveย that we exhausted our allowance on food and that… pizza tastes best when it’s shared with friends.

Hey, friends… through crisp and thin.

Cue in Ever After.

For deliveries,

Call Greenwich Gaisano Branch

Tel. No. 329-2061 or

Text 09292483010/09062573010


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