Rainy, Gloomy TBT: Cards and Handwritten Letters

What is it about rain that makes people sentimental? Darn. It doesn’t help that it’s also a Thursday – when social media gets flooded with circa 19 kopong-kopong pictures. To be fair, I’ll take half the blame for listening to mushy songs early in the morning. And of course, raging hormones. Friggin’ hormones. Yes, it’s that time of the month when we’re allowed to bitch around.

Anyway, I saw some pictures in my gallery and decided to take out my box of cards and letters. Just because I feel like it. Some are strange, hilarious, touching, and sweet, but they’re all equally nostalgic… even the love letters that I chose not to share. CHOS.

I was a freshman in highschool when Nong Argel, a senior gave this to me.
One of the many bookmarks from Karl.
A postcard from a blogger friend based in Japan. Hi, Pots! 🙂




Ah, I guess it took a lot of effort for the 10 year-old Bretzy to write Kamusta. The other letter from my cousin Faye was the first she sent me about 5 years after they migrated to the States. Haha. She asked if I already got my period and if I already eat rice. My goodness. So funny.



I forgive you, Paolo, for addressing me with that name. Although I wished he wrote me something more worthwhile rather than asked me a question I wouldn’t want to answer ever.


Craig sure laughed a lot in our classes. I love this card. It’s not always that I get a confirmation that I am a pocketful of sunshine.



Jacob is Korean and Shu is Japanese. They’re best friends who both said that they will ask me to be their girlfriend if they become single. Excuse me, I am not desperate. Reading their letters made me remember all our drunken moments and the closeness we had even if they weren’t my students.

I don’t know why this makes me smile. Maybe because I don’t get called darling often.



My brother used to draw a lot. He used to give me a lot of his handmade cards and sketches. Noy, where did that part of you go? LOL. This is an excellent evidence that I am the best sister.

A poem by a highschool classmate ❤

I got a little mad when I was given this card below. Nothing was written except the name of the sender. I just realized now how apt this one sentence card is… or was.

The best.

The last letter is probably the most touching and heartbreaking letter I have ever received. This little piece of paper is something I can hold on to when I get so down in the dumps.

I wonder if I will ever get more cards and letters and if the next generation will ever have a box full of them too. Wall posts, tweets, and collages will never match the affection and sincerity that come with cards and handwritten letters.

This Tropical Cyclone Egay is seriously getting on my nerves. I need my happy pill! Rain, rain, go away, don’t come on Throwback Thursdays ever again.


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