Panadero Ilonggo, Iloilo City

I’m a sucker for anything quaint so I got all giddy the moment we stepped into Panadero Ilonggo. Charm is evident all over – from its logo to its enthusiastic and passionate owner, Ms. Gigi Sy. One thing that I love about hobby businesses is their owners put so much thought into even the tiniest details of the place. They can chatter away about it and answer all queries spontaneously from the interiors to the menu. So I guess by now it’s pretty obvious that I had a lovely time at Panadero Ilonggo.

See! Look at those adorable chubby cheeks! Photo from their Facebook page.




A rolling pin door knob. A rolling pin door knob!!!! Can this place get any cuter?

Wall and counter decals, pastel-colored accent wall and wooden crates turned shelves, a blackboard menu, and adorable trinkets. Everything is just so charming. But… Panadero Ilonggo is not just an eye candy. They take baking and pastries seriously.20150606_163422

Ham and Cheese Roll (P22) and Hawaiian Bread (P25)

We were served with some of their breads sliced into quarters. Aside from these, they also have tuna, penny, and pork asado rolls and malunggay pandesal.

Roti Delight


The must-try, however, is their Roti. They came up with delightful recipes for this simple Indian flat bread. The Roti Delight comes with three dips (garlic yogurt, hummus, and baba ghanoush). Loved all the dips! On the other hand, the Roti, I love you passes as a dessert with strawberry filling and vanilla ice cream. I’m not very keen on my Roti, but it’s safe to say that theirs is quite good. It’s tender, not tasteless, and not so thick and dry. They also serve Roti-Nana, Roti Blue, Roti cheese steak, and Rotizza. Yes, roti and pizza! You can grab some French macarons, sylvanas, and even Carmen’s Best ice cream from Panadero Ilonggo too.

I have the same mug at home, but a cup-aholic just had to take a photo of this cute set.
With fellow bloggers and Ms. Gigi Sy. CTO of the photo.

It would be my go-to place to blog if only it’s close to home. I’d love to sit on those high chairs and type away. Thanks, Greg of Cafe Ilonggo and Ms. Gigi Sy for that lovely afternoon.

Panadero Ilonggo is located at

Tabuc Suba, Jaro, Iloilo City

Tel. No. 509-1092



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