Let's Play Pretend

A few days ago, I watched Zoella’s latest Q and A where she was asked to name three things that she misses about childhood. One of her answers was “having a huge imagination”. She said she missed having a time where she can be alone with her imagination and let it run completely wild. And at that moment, I thought, me too.

Playing make-believe was one of my favorites as a child. I guess it was because my grandma, aunt, and mother treated me like a doll. They’d dress me up all the time. During that phase when I wanted to be a cashier, the whole household was pressured to find me a nice toy cash register. I had all the toys a little girl would ever need for a total role play experience. (Shout out to my younger siblings who beheaded and decapitated my dolls and broke all the other stuff into pieces.) 


I learned Paint on the computer a few years after. My drawings were horrible, but I’d write a paragraph or two about each of them. The stories became longer so I started to type in Microsoft Word. Some that are still with me now, I wrote in high school. Where even the falling leaves, trees engraved with lovers’ names, and the sound of the strumming of the guitar can trigger my mind to dive into a pool of characters and seemingly mundane yet meaningful short stories.

Time came when I had to stop it altogether. I had to brush off pictures of the heart and the brain arguing. I had to replace them with images of the heart pumping blood to the lungs and out to the whole body. I had to throw away the pies in the sky, erase the castles in my air, and kick the gold pot at the end of the rainbow. Here comes adulthood!

Here you go, life says. These were the roles you wanted to play when you were younger. Ah, the irony of things. When I think about it, I never really stopped playing pretend. Every night before I go to sleep, I’d let my mind wander… to all the places I want to be beside the people I want to be with and to all the other fanciful leads I want to portray.

Maybe I can still play pretend. It’s just that instead of letting them stay as wishes, I can snap back to the now and work to turn them all into reality.

I have this blog, anyway, and a notebook where I can scribble all my frustrations. Oh, and a long bucket list to inspire me to pursue all the finer things in life.

So… are you in to play pretend with me? Shall we make them all come true as we let our minds and our feet completely run wild? 🙂

I’m not taking no for an answer.


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