What I Will Miss About Manila

Nothing interesting is ever one-sided. Yes, ferocious Manila also has two sides and although I made it seem a little scary in my previous post, there are things that I will miss about it too.

1. Bus Rides

Of course, I’d prefer taking the train when I’m bound for the north, but because I lived in Las Pinas and worked in Makati, I always rode the air conditioned bus.  I came to love my bus rides especially because I worked nights. That’s when I observed the streets and the people, listened to music, and wallowed in my own thoughts. I let my mind take me wherever it wanted – to the conductor’s butt crack, the overtaking and displaced sports cars in the midst of low standard asphalted highways, to the families living inside pedicabs beside a filthy short bridge. It took two hours from me every day, but I miss my bus rides. They always ran fast, but in those two hours, at least for me, all else stopped. It was only when I get off that life resumed. Hmmm… Short, cheap escapes.


2. Convenience

Divisoria. Bambang. Recto. Period. Lol. Everything you will ever need is in Manila. High end malls have the branded for if you have money to spare. I can spend 3 hours window shopping at Greenbelt or ATC and also stand the sweat and crowded Divisoria streets for 5 hours. You only have to know what time to go and leave so you wouldn’t get caught in heavy traffic when you go shopping. When all else fails, GrabTaxi. Of course, the selection aren’t as trendy as in Chatuchak, but when it comes to curtains and other household stuff, Divi is a win. Come on, 8-foot curtains for only P200? They cost P600 at department stores! Ha, I’ll always make time for cheap thrills. Divi will always be on my list when I visit Manila.


3. Getting Lost

I could’ve been confined to Las Pinas and Makati if not for Google Maps. I survived commuting on my own with GPS. On my second week in Manila, I got anxious because it was the first time I rode the MRT and the bus without my parents. After a month, I got the hang of it. Familiarize EDSA and you’re good to go. From then on, I was never afraid of commuting to any point in Manila even on my own, given that I’ve already checked everything about my destination prior to the trip. Now that I’m back in my comfort zone, I miss that adrenalin of not knowing where to go, of walking to and fro to check if I’m following the map right, of getting a habal-habal during rush hour at BGC because no cabs are in sight (Sorry, parents. Peace! I’m alive!), of taking the risk of asking for directions from a man who also seemed to be lost, and finally, the relief of finally getting to your destination. Now, I’m craving for that. But I’m in the city where I know all the twists and turns, sucks that I don’t know when I’ll feel this kind of rush again.

Actually, I didn’t know who this was at first. I just recognized him from the ads. Lol. Yeah, Brent Javier was cute, alright.

4. Hunger for something new

In Manila, there’s always something new to try whether it’s a new restaurant, mall, or activity. You will never run out of places to go to. Thanks to my Manila-based friends and cousins, I got to try a lot during my short stay. Too bad I backed out for a major concert I so wanted to watch, but anyways, there are lots of amusement parks, malls, games, food strips, clubs, and events in Manila. Don’t get me wrong, Iloilo has a lot to offer, but it has a long way to go to catch up to whatever the metro can provide.

5. Family & Friends

Hi, you, and you, and you, and you. I miss you. 🙂

6. DQ

Memories of my last chocolate chip ice cream. 😦

I am salivating right now. When will I ever have DQ again? 😦

Reviewing the list, I can see that there’s nothing much to miss about Manila. I may catch myself itching for these simple things, but being home is definitely better. Thanks, Manila. Maybe I’ll see you again soon. I’m sure you still have lots of things to show me, but for now, I’ll settle to being home.


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