Perri Todd's, Iloilo City

Rain prompts feelings marked in opposite extremes, do you agree? It either makes you feel so down in the dumps or happy as a clam. In any case, you’d still want to pig out. The raindrops spelled B-U-R-G-E-R while I was out staring at the ground. Ugh. I’m stuck at home thinking of burgers. Though let’s face it, there aren’t a lot of good burger joints in the city. It’s either you spend a lot for a stuffed one at a fancy place,  be contented with a boring one from a fast food, or a buy 1, take 1 “sa unang kagat, hangin lahat” burger from a small time burger joint in front of the public market.

Perri Todd’s was our go-to burger place back then. We loved their Todd’s Potatoes too. But these past few years, aside from the deluge of new restaurants in the city, customers started to comment that their burgers lost their magic. I heard it closed for several weeks due to some tax issues too. I thought, will I always have to head to the bee, angel, machine, or the clown when I crave for burgers?

However, to my surprise, I was invited to try Perri Todd’s new favorites a few weeks ago. Oh yeah! Wanna see what they have to offer in lieu of their great comeback?



If the picture didn’t make your stomach growl, perhaps some close-up photos will.


Chicken and Mango Salad (P195)
Fish and Fries (P195)
Watermelon and Mint Spa (P95)
2-Way Pork Ribs (P265)
Family-style Fried Chicken (P290)


I went home glutted that afternoon. The ribs and the chicken didn’t disappoint. The burger was delish and stuffed with all things savory. It’s such a bad decision to write a blog entry when you’re hungry. I should learn my lesson. I’m salivating! Oh, please, heavens, let me have a kilo of Todd’s Potatoes in my dreams later. You may have noticed that the prices increased, but trust me, P370 for a burger as big as that is worth it. Perri Todd’s is back in the spotlight. Back and better. Let the bipolar weather be your excuse to pig out. Gorge and be merry!

Perri Todd’s is located at

#8 Cuartero St., Jaro, Iloilo City

Tel. No. (033) 508-2598



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