Maginhawa Hits Part 1

You are not a true-blooded foodie if you haven’t visited the best and the most affordable food strip in the whole Metro Manila – Maginhawa Street! On Valentine’s Day this year (long overdue post alert), my cousins and I devoted a day for food and fun at QC. Only one of us wasn’t single that time! Lol. That was one great adventure for our last singles’ day out. Naks! I’m claiming it for you, Andrea and Nong Bordz!


Our first stop is the perky Crazy Katsu for lunch. We all know how expensive Japanese restaurants are in the metro. Think Yabu or Tonkatsu by Terazawa. I’d definitely choose Crazy Katsu over them simply because at Crazy Katsu, you can get more than what you pay for. It has the best Chicken Katsu in the whole planet! Because of its budget-friendly and delicious meals, it is obviously a favorite among students, yuppies, celebrities, and musicians.


Chicken Katsudon (P155)
Gyoza (P130)
Katsu Curry (P190)
Pork Tonkatsu (P150)
Chicken Tonkatsu (P155)



There’s a haven for bookworms just across Crazy Katsu. Your eyes will pop out when you see all the bestsellers on their shelves. Costly hard bounds are sold there for half the original price. Would you believe that some popular series only cost P600? Yes, 3 or more books for P600! They even have vintage comics! Also, you can sell them your old books if you want.



Most of us cousins went to UP for high school or college so it’s always a must to drop by and say hi to Oble. Also we were for dessert. I can eat 3 cones of UPD’s P25 dirty ice cream.


Since it was Valentine’s. Thanks to the Kuya for letting me borrow his balloons. LOL




We spent the whole afternoon strolling around the campus, talking nonsense, and laughing our hearts out. Nothing beats pointless fun with a bunch of crazy people.


For dinner, we headed to Leona Art Restaurant. We were still full, but what the heck, food is what we were there for! Leona gives a very homey vibe. The art decors, paintings, and vintage trinkets all over the place made us all snug. It’s a little bit like Afrique’s, only simpler and more intimate. The entrance to the place is very narrow and it’s pretty much a house that was turned into a restaurant, so my cousins and I have this running joke that we’re just coming to visit our Tita Leona!



We availed their Take 3 Pizzas Promo for P499 where you can get a 3-Cheese (Cheddar, Mozarella, and Blue Cheese, with Basil), Pepperoni, and one pizza of your choice. Cousins, correct me if I’m wrong. Did we get the Ham and Mushroom Pizza? Lol. We also ordered the Chicken Pesto Pasta Platter for P370. We love Tita Leona’s! This is probably our favorite.


5. I forgot the name of this restaurant because I was already sleepy. 

By 8pm, we were full and exhausted, hence, our haggard faces. We went to a restaurant famous for its Filipino dishes and ordered… coffees and iced teas. LOL. Cool Bean’s Cafe was jam packed so we had no choice, but to settle in this place. We would’ve loved the outside area because it looked so romantic, but it was also full. 😦


All the bitterness tacked in a plant.

We ended our Maginhawa food trip at around 9 pm. Its street name is very apt with what it’s famous for – comfort. But… the adventure leaves you breathless after all the eating.  Hindi Kaginhawa! So if you’re planning to pig out for a day, Maginhawa is the place to be. Only that, you have to make sure you only take two spoonfuls of the specialty dishes of each place. You don’t want to end up in a food coma!


Our bloated tummies didn’t stop us from having a chill night at one of our favorite hangouts. We headed to Resorts World for some beer and good music after. We packed up at 2 am! Over twelve hours of food, fun, laughter, and family made this year’s Valentine’s Day extra special. Can’t wait for next year! 😉


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