Happy Soles in Havaianas

My last pair of Havaianas lasted me for four years. It served me well until its strap finally decided to let go. I assumed it broke after it felt like it held on for too long through hundreds of miles. The sole was still thick and everything else was fine except for that one incurable malady. It was Papa’s pasalubong from Brazil on a rare shore leave which is why it had a sentimental value. The break was unexpected and like any other break up, I moved on and settled on others. Brands of slippers, that is.


Until I got FLATtered. Good things do come in flat packages. When I opened mine, I got ecstatic upon seeing a striking, exuberant, and sleek pair of Havaianas! I was also excited because I was set to go on a trip to the beach. What better way to put it to test than a 3-day walkathon in the breathtaking island of Boracay?


Although flatter and thinner, the world’s favorite flip-flops didn’t disappoint as its soles protected my little feet from both blunt and sharp minute shells and sand, not to mention, hot sand during the scorching afternoons at the shore. It is lightweight so I carried on walking from station to station carefree from sunrise to dawn and even all throughout partying until past midnight.


From its straps to its soles, this pair is a true-blue head turner. It glows in the dark! It surely made it easier for me to rush to the toilet inside a dim club or back to the hotel after midnight.


The new Havaianas Flat Style is fresh, feminine, innovative, sleek, and stylish. It definitely made my summer in October more memorable. Thanks, Havaianas! Let’s see how long this will last my itchy feet!

Get the Havaianas Flat for P945 and the Havainas Flat Style for P1095.

Facebook: Havaianas Philippines

Twitter and Instagram: @havaianasphils


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