Me Lately

I sorely miss blogging. I have a long list of pending posts and I’m seriously trying to catch up on them. I wasn’t an entirely terrible blogger though as I actually had a few posts in September. But life just forced me to act like an adult once again so I had to oblige.

I got a job and I’m attempting to juggle it with part-time work. Ha, I still don’t get paid enough though. Oh to be living in a third world country. All of these at the expense of lesser time with my family, friends, and my boyfriend.

I just came back from a 4-day escapade in Boracay. (Brace yourselves for long overdue blog posts about this too). Instead of a renewed motivation and revived energy to go back to work, I only felt more down in the dumps. It reminded me of what I really wanted in life – being able to work anywhere I want at my desired pace and schedule.


Thus, this is a metaphor. It’s a struggle to keep lying afloat when you know you can’t walk on the water nor stand upright because it’s still too deep. You just have to keep floating until you’re sure you can finally be on your feet. When you get to that point, that’s when you can finally look down at the beautiful crystal clear water and gaze up at the blinding yet stunning sun and blue skies. You can risk it and start swimming but don’t you agree that relief doesn’t come until you can finally touch the sand with your toes? Perhaps even professional swimmers feel that way too.

See what the beach and my friends can do to me?

I’m still floating, but I’m trusting that I’m already near the shore.


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