Three Things That Papa P Taught Me

I still get surprised when I write the date at work every day. It’s only 45 days until Christmas. Just a few more nights and we’ll be watching fireworks on display again as we welcome 2016. Whew!

We’re all hungry and eager for the excitement and laughter during the Christmas season. With it, though, come fear and stress especially for the parents, young professionals, and others in the workforce who think ahead. What’s in store for the next year? As the end of the year approaches, there’s a need for us to evaluate and reflect on our necessities and hang-ups the past year so we can correct them and carefully plan for what lies ahead.


On a rare occasion, I met up with the irresistible Piolo Pascual. I wish it was a personal rendezvous, but it was because he was here as an ambassador of Sun Life of Canada (Philippines).


Sun Life has created a new campaign called #LiveFreePH Movement which endeavors to motivate Filipinos to attain financial freedom. Piolo Pascual is not only a mere investor or endorser of the brand; he is a financial advisor himself.


Here are three important things that I learned from him that afternoon:

  1. It’s important to have your own vision of financial freedom.


It’s pretty much similar to one habit that Steven Covey wants us all to develop – beginning with the end in mind. Each person has a different perception of financial freedom. For a yuppie, it may be to able to contribute financially in their household, travel anywhere and anytime, or shop without looking at the price tags. For a breadwinner, to be able to provide all the necessities of the family and also treat them with what they want. Whatever your case is, construct a vision, declare it, and turn it into an invisible marquee in your head to remind you of what you want to achieve.

  1. Create a map of your journey towards your vision.

Assess and evaluate your current financial situation and formulate strategic and practical plans to achieve your desired outcome. Be honest with your finances. During the press conference, I asked Piolo if there’s a chance for minimum wage workers to save and invest for the future. Of course, he says there is. He uses a story from the Bible to illustrate an example. What do we do with the little that we have? Should we bury it under the ground or should we find ways for it to grow?

  1. Work on your plan.

Striving day to day isn’t enough. Strive and be guided with a concrete plan. We all know the drill. Assess – plan – implement and repeat.


The steps are easy to follow, but let’s admit that we can’t do them all on our own. Fortunately, there are experts who can help us be financial literates. Talking to a financial advisor makes us carefree in life knowing that we can truly enjoy what we work hard for. Piolo says it’s time to empower every Filipino to act on his own financial freedom and most importantly, peace of mind.

Instead of merely jotting down a New Year’s resolution and posting it on social media, act on ensuring a brighter future.

Talk to a financial adviser.

Read more about the #LiveFreePH Movement here and here.


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