Chifa Comida Latino, Bacolod City

For a day trip to Bacolod City last summer, we opted to try Chifa Comida Latino for lunch. I haven’t had Peruvian Asian cuisine before so I really looked forward to trying it that day. I was down to it the moment I learned that it’s mostly spicy.

Aji de Gallina (P170)

Pork Salpicado (P160)

I ordered the Aji de Gallina, Classic Peruvian spicy creamed chicken, while my friend had Pork Salpicado. Nothing really fancy, you might say? But I enjoyed every bit of my chicken. I even wanted to wipe the sauce off the plate with my finger and lick it with delight. It was crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. The sauce was superb with the perfect combination of cream and spice. The Pork Salpicado, though simple, was also delectable. The pork tenderloin was easy to chew and you can definitely savor the splatter of garlic on it.

Tres Leches (P100)

I had a hard time choosing what dessert to get. Tres Leches, Leche Asada, and Suspiro ala Limena all sounded good to me. Tres Leches, a classic sponge cake soaked in 3 kinds of milk, won my heart. It was a perfect finale to a luscious meal as it cleaned our palates from all the spice that we had.

Even the Bacolodnons would agree that it’s harder to market a new cuisine there than in other cities. The locals love their inasal and their long-established restaurants. But I have a feeling that Chifa Comida is off to a long run. Aside from their gratifying selection, it’s pretty obvious that they pay attention to the plating. Two thumbs up for appetizing meals that are pleasing to the eyes.



 The place has a relaxing ambiance complemented by the lively yet calming music. The chairs which are actually re-purposed drums are very comfortable. Aren’t they cute?

I must give props to our waiter that day too. He approached us with a smiling face and knew right there and then that we needed help in picking out what to eat from the menu. He described the dishes with mastery. He pointed out the bestsellers and also suggested the other dishes by telling us what they tasted like. I’m sure you know that waiters like him are rare these days. Most of them don’t know much about the food that they serve and they simply read the name of the dish to you like you can’t read them yourself.

With one of the owners, Chef Paolo Consing

Peruvian cuisine is perfect for Bacolod City. The festive Cuban culture can match the upbeat Masskara vibe that the City of Smiles holds.  Now, you have another restaurant to add to your Bacolod itinerary.

Chifa Comida Latino is located at

17th Lacson St.

 G/F Palma Dormitory, Bacolod City

Tel Nos. (034) 431 4607, +639989769425

Opening Hours: 11:00am–2:00pm, 6:00pm–10:00pm



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