A Second Chance? Perhaps… not.

In the attempt to appear and sound like an intellectual, I sometimes pretend that I can go deeper than the surface. While my friends thought that A Second Chance was not relatable because we are all unmarried, I go all out pretentious saying that I loved it for its intricacy. Whatevs.


The truth is, this is the second draft for this entry. The first one started with “I have watched One More Chance more than ten times since college.” Lousy intro. Lousy flow. I just can’t wrap my head around what I really want to say.

But to simply put it, married couples will love A Second Chance because of the reality of the issues presented in the movie. On the other hand, it will scare the singles and only trigger those who are in a relationship to doubt the strength of their bond. I mean, most of us single women are not yet Basha enough to step back and make way for our Popoy’s ego or stand beside him as he pulls himself back from being buried. Although it all still boils down to love – real and not ideal – it also tackles the complexities of trust, respect, sincerity, honesty, and forgiveness. The movie and its predecessor maintain their title for being the real-est Filipino romantic movies. Both simply show us that relationships are not easy. It’s a far cry from the problems LizQuen and KathNiel had to solve. LOL.

I still stand by my principle that second chances are unnecessary, but I can accept that Popoy and Basha needed one more try (or two more at that). “Your love story is what you make it.” And that’s how they wanted theirs to be. At the end of the day, I’d have to trust that in the midst of all intricacies and barricades; in a world that’s full of deceit, if it is love, real love, there’s nothing that can defy it.


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