What About Love?

I don’t know. All I know is I want to write something about it. The flashes of ideas that come to me inadvertently always get lost somewhere in my subconscious when I finally have a pen and paper at hand.

So here I am, typing aimlessly just because I terribly want to write.


My obsession with Jesse and Celine didn’t have anything to do with my now, but I’m glad that it has turned out the way it is. Unexpected. Out of my league. Hopefully, worth it. I daydreamed of memorable chance encounters so whenever I look back now, I always feel overwhelmed. Who would have thought?

It is funny. It has a great sense of humor.

It’s the first time for me to prefer most things to be kept in private. Private, but not secret. I’m finally trying to learn to let go of the petty nuisances. On red days, sad and bad days, I just sigh and let the dead air pass. I forgot dreading on the past, and dwelling and being fixated on the future. I just trust in the now and let it take us to our absolute circumstance, whatever that will be.



I long for cold, cozy nights. I know those nights will come. For now, I’ll enjoy the distance and all the time I can get to myself.

It is a beautiful day. Love is a beautiful link.

Happy Hearts’ Day.


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