Concept Computer brings Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo Stores to Iloilo

I used a vintage laptop I called Dean in college. At the peak of my senior year, it finally showed me signs that it’s dying. Just imagine the stress that it brought me whenever its LCD screen blacked out while I was typing my thesis. Ugh. Unfortunately, I couldn’t have it repaired because it was too old to have available spare parts and there was no service center with experts who are capable of bringing it back to life at that time.

Credits to Nonoy Taclino of Iloilo Today for the photo

If that happened this year, I wouldn’t have any problem because I can easily rush my laptop to SM City Cyberzone. Through forward thinkers Philip and Warren Co, Ilonggos now have the access to the four biggest tech brands with the opening of their concept stores. In partnership with Concept Computer, Acer, Asus, Dell, and Lenovo now have their own stores here in the city.

After the Blessing Ceremony, we went store hopping to try out the latest tablets, cellphones, and laptops from each brand.

Concept Computer owners Philip and Warren Co with Lenovo’s country manager Michael Ngan


Sir Michael Ngan showed off the newest Lenovo Yoga Tablet. It has an amazing 18-hour battery life. You can also enjoy using it in all angles. Let it rest on your palms, tilt it to type or play, and let it rest upright to comfortably watch movies and videos, video chat, or listen to movies.

Concept Computer owners with country manager George Su


Sir George Su himself flaunted his own Zenfone Zoom to us. All you need to bring in a concert is this phone and you won’t have any trouble taking videos of the artists from the stage even if you’re only at the lower box. It’s also encased with genuine leather. It’s that sexy! Mr. Su even took a selfie with us with his phone.

The Concept Computer owners with country manager Christopher Papa


I think Dell made the best impression on me with its latest high-end products. Maybe someday I can save up for one too. The opening of the Dell concept store here in Iloilo means having access to Dell ProSupport. If you need their services, Dell brings the fix right at your door. Yep, hassle-free repair.

With Acer’s Manuel Wong


These ladies modeled the latest phone, tablet, projector, and laptop from Acer. This year, the brand offers us the Acer Liquid E3 with amazing 13- megapixel cameras. Alerting all selfie queens!

Let’s all thank Concept Computer for bringing us our IT needs from laptops, electronic devices, accessories, and other IT products through the years.

Acer, Asus, Dell, and Lenovo are located at the SM City Cyberzone, Third Floor, SM City expansion wing. Concept Computer has branches at Marymart Mall, Robinsons Place Iloilo, and SM City Iloilo.

Tel. Nos.: (033) 508 5400, (033) 337 6847




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