There Goes Quarter Life

Hello, April 13, 2016. Today, I turn twenty-something. I am already the same age as when my mother endured sleepless nights feeding me and preparing for my first birthday. Whoa there.


I may be maternal which explains my fondness with kids, but I am not half as equipped with life as my mother when she was my age. Haha, sorry, I still have episodes of inadequacy which I’ve always been trying to ignore. In introspection, I realize that perhaps my cup wouldn’t be full until five years after. There is more to life to explore, experience, and learn.

I’m done with quarter life, but I think I won’t be done with the crisis that came with it. Last year, I was blessed with an unexpected love and a job that will hopefully lead me to where I am destined to be. I am claiming this year to be a year of transitions too as I take small steps to finally helping my family. The struggles are still there. I know it’s going to be a tough life. Nevertheless, I am thankful.

I can never be grateful enough for being a recipient of a love that I can never be deserving of. Thank you, Lord, for another year. Thank you for your grace and mercy. Thank you for being my Always.

Ola, bente sais!


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