Bittersweet Boracay Bumming

Lately, I’ve been so sentimental and clingy with my inner circle. Every time I think of the everyday struggles and laughter that we had in college, I get terribly schmaltzy. When I recall the sleepless and stressful college years, drunken nights in Bacolod and Cadiz City, the party-until-you-lose-your-wallet moments in Smallville, the panting-yet-not-giving-up walkathons in the seemingly posh streets of Makati, Alabang, and BGC, a sudden rush of nostalgia consumes me. In a few months’ time, we’re going to have to resort to Skype video calls and FB/Viber chat. Wth, ako na master sa LDR. Lol.


This is probably why my trip to Boracay with my girlfriends is etched in my heart. In those 4 days, we were free from our daily struggles and overwhelming thoughts of the future. It was just the happy-go-lucky us, the sand, sun, and the sea.  No stress, no shit.

We looked forward to waking up to catch the sunrise and to going out before the sun sets. We took our time to enjoy, eat, talk, and just catch up with each other over shakes, coffee, and… a little bit of alcohol.

Beat the heat with Jonah’s shakes
Okay, gave up on the two after 4 glasses/shots. They kept on coming. I think they wanted to try all the drinks on the menu.
Nursing the hangovers. Another thing we looked forward to was the breakfast buffet at Boracay Mandarin.
I wish I emptied my stomach more before we had that Sea Breeze buffet. Can we go back?

We enjoyed being doting Instagram friends trying really hard to capture the perfect angle that she can post. We endured our tired feet to get the most out of every little adventure that we can do in the island.



















I wonder when we can do it again. I can’t fight being mushy thinking that it might be years before we can go on a stress-free vacation again together.

This is long overdue, but I just want to put these pictures out there. For the sake of memories, of friendship, of crylaugh fests that have become rare from once being an everyday routine. I can never be grateful enough for being blessed with friends who are genuine, cool, and undoubtedly beautiful… with big hearts.

Looking forward to endless conversations about anything under the sun and daydreaming about your future lovers. There is great comfort in knowing that we’ll still be friends through life’s changes.

This is me missing Boracay and my rest days. But I’m missing you more.


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