Sa Merzci, tanan manamit!

Bacolod is known for their delicious pastries. They have a long list of bakeries and cafes that offer the best-tasting breads and sweet treats. There are even some homemakers who are popular because of their homemade pastries.

Just the same, Merzci Pasalubong has also transformed into a household name from its humble beginnings in 1995 as a small-scale supplier of breads for a single store at the Libertad Market.


The first pastry that I have ever tried from Merzci was their napoleones. Honestly, I didn’t expect that much because I am used to getting those from Silay’s premiere bakery. Surprisingly, their napoleones is just how I want them to be – soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside with just the right amount of sweetness.

The Bloggers of Iloilo were invited to the Gran Opening of its 5th Branch in Iloilo City, the J.M. Basa Branch which is already its 46th in the country. Unlike the other branches, the newest location also offers short orders, sandwiches, silog meals, value meals, and rice toppings.
















On the opening day, Merzci offered a Buy 1 , Take 1 Promo on its bestseller pasalubong products. Believe me, it was ultra fun watching the customers flood inside the store . It was chaotic, in a good way and was done in an organized manner. The staff – from its cashier, servers, and managers were all smiles during the program. Pride can be seen in all their faces as their beloved brand opens new doors for the Ilonggos.



We all came home with a box full of the all-time favorites. Oh my gosh. I think I finished the whole pack of their Otap by myself! If I didn’t mind my sugar levels, I’d also dare to eat whole packs of their cheese and caramel tarts.

We now have a new pasalubong center to go to. My cousin went there for 3 boxes of pasalubongs to Manila days after she got a taste of some Merzci treats left at home. Congratulations, Merzci! You are truly something that comes from the City of Smiles. Beaming on the thoughts of the soft and delicious Otap. Hayayay!

Merczi Pasalubong is located at

J.M. Basa Street, Iloilo City




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