How to Get to Caluya Islands

I got carried away writing my first blog post about Caluya. It was already too long so I decided on a separate post about all the how to’s – how to get there and where to stay.


Where to Stay

  • Island Divers Caluya13428601_10209686712585002_686617978615416194_n

The only resort in Caluya is the Island Divers Caluya. It is a small diving resort that has 3 bungalows that are available for 6 people at a time. This is where we stayed.




The owners were very accommodating considering that we are not even divers. It is also heartwarming that they have come to love the island despite the lack of mobile and internet connections. During our short chitchat with one of the owners, I have learned a lot about the sensitive tambalang (seaweed) and the vast collection of reefs and marine wildlife of the untouched underwater sanctuary. There is no doubt that the owners know Caluya’s underwater treasures by heart. Island Divers Caluya is located at Brgy. Sabang which is a 30-minute ride from the town proper.




Click here for a glimpse of the underwater treasures at Island Divers Caluya


  • Island Tourist Inn20160609_081439.jpg
  • Lumawig Pension House
Photo from the Mayor’s FB Page

Lumawig Pension House is close to Tatusan Gymnasium and the town hall. It is also a short walk away from souvenir shops, the beach front, and the marketplace.

Rates are as follows:
A. Air-conditioned Rooms with common CR for Php1,000 (good for 4) & Php 800 (good for 2)
B. Ordinary Fan room with common CR for Php 500 good for 2 pax
C. Ordinary Fan room with own CR for Php 600 good for 2 pax

Note: additional persons/bed is for Php 100 each

Contact: Romulito or Rina Lumawig at (+63) 998 886 7995

How To Get to Caluya

I copied all of these information from the Mayor’s Official FB Page:

Via Iloilo
Airplane from NAIA > Iloilo International Airport
Taxi from airport > Molo Terminal
See: Iloilo to Culasi / Libertad
Via San Jose Mindoro
Airplane from NAIA > San Jose Airport
Tricycle from San Jose Airport > CAMINAWIT Pier
Kalayaan Shipping Lines from Lipata Pier > RJL Seaport, Caluya, Antique
Via Caticlan
Airplane from NAIA > Godofredo P. Ramos Airport, Caticlan, Malay, Aklan
Bus from Airport > Culasi Plaza
Tricycle from Culasi Plaza > Lipata Pier
Kalayaan Shipping Lines from Lipata Pier > RJL Seaport, Caluya, Antique
FX from Molo Terminal > Culasi Plaza
Tricycle from Culasi Plaza > Lipata Pier
Kalayaan Shipping Lines from Lipata Pier > RJL Seaport, Caluya, Antique
Total Travel time: 5 hours by land; 4 hours by sea = 9 hours (not including waiting time)
Option 1:
FX from Molo Terminal > San Jose de Buenavista Dalipe Terminal
Bus from San Jose dB > Libertad pier
Scheduled Bangka from Libertad pier > RJL Seaport, Caluya Antique
Total Travel time: 2 hours (Iloilo – SJdB), 3-4 hours (SJdB – Libertad), 3 hours (Lib-Cal) = 8-9 hours (not including waiting time)
Option 2:
Bus from Molo terminal > Libertad pier
Scheduled Bangka from Libertad pier > RJL Seaport, Caluya Antique
Total Travel time: 8 hours by land; 3 hours by sea = 11 hours (not including waiting time)


· As of this writing, the only available COMMERCIAL trips to and from Caluya is serviced by the Kalayaan Shipping Lines, which load and offload at Lipata Pier, Culasi, Antique.
  • o M/B Kalayaan: Culasi to Caluya (6 hours)
  • o M/V Island Express III: Culasi to Caluya (4 hours)
· The LGU is currently in talks with other shipping lines to make available more trips to and from its islands due to the rising influx of tourists.
· Transport services have hourly trips from Molo Terminal, Iloilo to San Jose dB (2 hours) or Culasi (5 hours).
o Per FX Van can accommodate 14 – 16 pax. Rates may change without prior notice, but as of March 16, 2016, Iloilo to San Jose is at Php 110.00/ person; Iloilo to Culasi is at Php 200.00/person. First trip at 5:30 AM and last trip at 6:00 PM.
o Due to the shortage of passengers, no FX trips go directly from Iloilo to Libertad.
· Scheduled trips from Libertad pier to Caluya are by private and/or LGU-owned sea vessels. There are no definite schedules, as these trips are made only upon request (i.e. emergency transport for medical referrals).
Prior to any arrangements, we suggest having a talk with our trained staff to ensure a well-planned, well-received and oriented trip to the renowned gem of the Province of Antique, the Caluya Groups of Islands.
For general questions and orientation, kindly contact our Tourism Office at +63 915 694 2110 and look for Sherwin.
For additional information, contact our Information Office at +63 917 8252738 and look for Pauline.
For other needs and requests, contact our General Services Office at +63 999 998 7265 and look for Liberty or Roy.
I wish to come back to Caluya soon to explore more of its priceless gems. If you ever decide to go, take lots of pictures as you enjoy the adventure. Post online with these hashtags: #SadyaCaluya, #CaluyaAntique, and #CaluyaIslands. We would love to see your pictures too!

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