Worship Generation, Iloilo City

Just this May, Worship Generation, a brand of Christian merchandise has opened at the Shops Atria. With great hesitance, I kept on postponing my visit to the store.


Here is why:

Are you one of those people who are scared of the word “Worship”? Ah, come on. In all honesty, I am sometimes one of those who’d shy away or turn my back once something about religion or faith is being brought up. I used to be one of the active young people in church when I was younger. I never missed out on summer camps, vacation Bible schools, and prayer meetings. I even became a Sunday school teacher. Many times I was there for the right motive, but there are times when I was there just because I had to.

I faltered. I admit, I am in the midst of a struggle. I lacked the confidence to evangelize and to profess my faith to others outside of my church. The world has become so different that owning up to your faith has become extra difficult. It’s just easier said than done.

Walking around Atria, however, I saw these statement shirts with Bible verses. I couldn’t help but stare at them and swallow the lump on my throat. Finally, on Mother’s Day, I braved the Worship Generation Store with my mother and sisters. The three of them couldn’t resist their hands on everything they saw. I, on the other hand, was a little bit speechless as crowd after crowd went inside the store. Middle-aged businessmen clad in polo shirts, couples, and young people in trendy clothes filled the store. Here they are, on a haul for merchandise that can exclaim their faith to everyone they bump into.

Mugs and doodle notebooks starting at P195 each
Inspirational books, Christian CDs, and movies
Stickers, pins, and keychains at P100. Some pins also come in sets.
More keychains and pins!
Ballers (P100)


Ref magnets, statements frames, planners
Ref magnets (P150), statements frames, planners
Caps (P500) , Lanyards (P200)
Cinch bags (P500)
Hey, yo. Wish I could wear ballers at work.
Hey, yo. Wish I could wear ballers at work.

20160602_200748 20160602_200814 20160602_200825

They have a wide variety of shirts and jackets. They have pullovers (P1300), tank tops (P350), Baseball tees (P500), Collared shirts for men and women (P700), and regular shirts for kids, men, and women (P250-450).

My mama had a hard time choosing what shirt to buy for herself and Papa. I bet the store's her new happy place.
My mama had a hard time choosing what shirt to buy for herself and Papa. I bet the store’s her new happy place. Props to the people manning the store at that time for being patient and accommodating my Mama’s search for the right size.


Each message on the shirt struck me. It made me recall the verses that I used to memorize. It made me rethink my stance as a Christian. And it encouraged me to once again be proud of my faith. As modern Christians, we are all called to share our faith in our communities, school, and work. Wearing Worship Generation’s merchandise is one of the ways that can reinforce that task.

A mugaholic found her weakness.
A mugaholic found her weakness. This mug exclaims my life verse in simple words. Proverbs 3:26, “For the Lord is my confidence and will keep my feet from being snared.”

“Worship Generation is a brand of Christian merchandise that seeks to make worship a lifestyle. We primarily cater to people who are proud of their faith and who desire to proclaim God’s love. It is our hope that through our merchandise, people will have a means by which they can express their passion for Jesus and in the process, evangelize to others.”
– Worship Generation

Fashion is not merely being clad in cloth. It has something to do with one’s thoughts, feelings, ideas, and lifestyle. This is exactly what Worship Generation is all about.

Worship Generation is located at

The Shops, Atria,

Brgy. San Rafael, Mandurriao, Iloilo City

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/worshipgen/

Website: http://worshipgen.com/

Instagram: @worshipgeneration


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