Bridal Shower Fun at Spa Riviera

Bridal Showers are nothing short of fun. I have never attended one that wasn’t a blast whether it’s a videoke night or a simple get together. The trend today is throwing a party at the spa. Luckily, Spa Riviera (Jaro Branch) now offers bridal shower packages for the stressed, pressured, and nervous bride-to-be!

The photo booth Yes, I love you to the moon and back! 😉

Planning a bridal shower is traditionally left in the hands of the maid of honor and the bridesmaids. I haven’t tried organizing one, but I’m sure that brainstorming every detail of a bridal shower is almost as stressful as the bride’s wedding jitters.

I can only imagine the anxiety and the pressure that a bride goes through days before the actual wedding. It’s quite funny, but let’s admit it. Most of the time, the bride is actually more nervous on the wedding’s outcome rather than the marriage. Lol. Of course, she worries about the weather, the overall setup, and the smooth flow of the wedding from the ceremony to the reception. She has everything to be restless about.

This is why a party at the spa is a perfect theme for a bridal shower. Nothing beats a relaxing pamper session for the sleepless bride. Spa Riviera’s Jaro Branch offers an affordable bridal shower package for your BFF’s bridal shower.

Spa Riviera’s Lobby

The package is at P6500 for 10 guests including the bride. Each guest can choose one package each from two selections:

Package A: Glow (Facial Scrub, Body Scrub, and Manicure or Pedicure)

Package B: Delight (Facial Scrub, Foot Scrub, and Manicure or Pedicure)

The ten guests can be male or female. For three hours, you can enjoy a wholesome and refreshing party with your friends. You can also bring wine and food with you. You are also in a for a treat –  a delicious Red Velvet cake compliments of Mrs. Wharton Pastries.

At the launching of the package, my blogger friends and I along with Mrs. Babes Wharton and her daughter’s friends enjoyed our own bridal shower party too!

The famous and delicious Mrs. Wharton Red Velvet Cake

13625116_10206534696470038_1556966315_n 13624870_10206534692549940_1448765970_n 13618075_10206534697310059_196825808_n 13625181_10206534696870048_1317284816_n 13625317_10206534697230057_1472223035_n 13625150_10206534695630017_563390614_n 13649640_10206534692909949_812247237_n 13649660_10206534693589966_223698096_n

The sugar rush from all the delectable Mrs. Wharton cakes and pastries made us all hyper when we played some bridal shower games.

The Iloilo Bloggers in action. Photo taken by Greg Flores

The Iloilo Bloggers never settle for less. With the stylish Raymart Escopel, the chic and trendy Nana Jover, and the esteemed and sophisticated John Castigador, it was a sure win for our group.

The Tissue Brides! Photo Credit: Nana Jover
With the sweet and lovely owner, Mrs. Babes Wharton
With the sweet and lovely owner, Mrs. Babes Wharton

We capped off the night with a relaxing whole body massage. Now, I couldn’t wait for my friends to get married. I badly need another pamper sesh. 😉

Spa Riviera is located at the

Second Floor, Dona Maria Building

Castilla, Burgos St., Jaro, Iloilo City

Tel.No.: (033) 329-4171


Instagram: @sparivierailoilo


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