Mrs. Wharton, British Tea, and Me

After a few months of waiting, Mrs. Wharton Pastries has finally reopened. Its Grand Opening took place last August 8 with the launching of its new menu and wider range of cakes and pastries.

Mrs. Wharton has become my favorite these past few months. Because of Ms. Babes’ specialties, my love for sweets has become stronger and deeper. Lol. 

This morning, Ms. Babes invited us to try her lasagna recipe, British scones, and authentic British tea that she brought all the way from London.


Scones are coffehouse staples. Tea time in England will never be complete without it. It comes from the Scottish word meaning beautiful bread which is definitely true. British scones are not as buttery as American scones, not because they are healthier, but because the Brits choose to lather the butter and jam on it. That is exactly how we had our scones this morning – very British!


Some prefer their lasagna oozing with sauce, some with lots of cream. I don’t really care. I love lasagna in all its forms. The British form stands proud in the plate, not as saucy and creamy as we are all used to, but has a distinct flavor of tomatoes.

PG Tips – authentic British Tea
The mugaholic strikes again!

Mrs. Wharton brought Britain’s most loved tea to Iloilo – PG Tips. They come in pyramid tea bags leaving so much room to infuse. We poured a teaspoon of milk in it to make the experience more British. I had it just way I want it. For the single ladies, here at Mrs. Wharton, you’ll definitely have tea the way you want your knight in shining armor to be – hot and British!

Of course, the visit at Mrs. Wharton wouldn’t be complete without having a taste of their luscious cakes and pastries.












No sweet tooth goes lonely at Mrs. Wharton's. Friday morning sugar rush - I'm not complaining. Always a lovely time with Mrs. Wharton! ❤ #MrsWharton #cakes #sweettooth #MrsWhartonbakes
No sweet tooth goes lonely at Mrs. Wharton’s. Friday morning sugar rush – I’m not complaining. Always a lovely time with Mrs. Wharton!

Mrs. Wharton’s cakes are not just pretty. They are as delectable and as exquisite as they look like. Their three-tiered birthday cakes and red velvet cakes are available for pre-order.

With the lovely Mrs. Babes Wharton
Mrs. Babes Wharton with the Iloilo Bloggers (Photo from Mrs. Wharton’s Official FB Page)

Needless to say, I had a delightful Friday morning with blogger friends and Mrs. Wharton. Thank you, Ms. Babes, for always being so warm and accommodating. Nothing beats a courteous host who always treats us with gastronomically and aesthetically pleasing brunch feasts.

Mrs. Wharton Pastries is located at the

Spa Riviera Lobby

General Luna Branch, Iloilo City

Opening Hours: Mon – Sat (10am-8pm), Sun (2pm-8pm)



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