Even Silly Dreams Can Come True

Today was a dream come true for me. Greg (antoinegreg.com) hit us up early in the morning just before our scheduled lunch buffet at Carlo’s that Ms. Bernadette Sembrano and Mr. Jhett Tolentino are at the Horizon Café. I was totally blown out off my mind right after I read Greg’s comment. The timing was right since we just got done with the seminar at the hospital.

I was hoping for a selfie and a handshake. Thank goodness as the odds were in my favor. Greg gave me the chance to do a brief interview with the both of them.

Fangirling! It was really nice chatting with you, Ms. Bernadette!
With Tony Awardee, Mr. Jhett Tolentino. #proudlyIlonggo #iamiloilo

Besides being a lawyer, I wanted to be a newscaster, a journalist, and a scriptwriter when I was younger. Too bad the TV Patrol Newscasting Competition started long after I graduated high school. I would have joined and tried to ace it. I loved working on scripts for group presentations – some I still have with me. I printed them out and kept them under extreme protection inside clear folders. My favorites were a seemingly modern rip off of my highschool Professor John Barrios’ Islaw Palitaw and a script I wrote for our El Filibusterismo class entitled “Kumbento Files”. “Directing” those plays and choreographing some numbers in high school kept me on my toes all the time. I thought I was bound for that path.



My love for the craft can be proven by my first ever post on this blog – of regrets and frustrations in my chosen profession and my perceived neglect of my passion.

Albeit abrupt and unexpected, simple and apparently superficial, those 5 minutes was of great value to me. I was fangirling over the news anchor and the multi-awarded Broadway producer… and I got to talk to them. Huhu. If it was just a chance encounter for them, it was a memorable moment for me. At least, I can make myself believe that I still have the guts that I was known for in my younger years. At least, I can tell myself that maybe I could have been good at what I wanted to do in life had I been given the chance to pursue it.

So, thank you, Greggy, for being an instrument of making this silly dream come true.

Reminders of an inspired, cherished, and positive little dreamer now all drenched in pressure, insecurities, and anxities. Haha! Kidding. This was truly a Lingkod Kapamilya and Panalo ‘To moment for me – a hopeful and unforgettable gift of coincidence.


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