Seda Atria Three Ways: Food, Coffee, Beer

It always excites me when I see dishes done in three ways when I watch cooking contests. Chefs who can create three different recipes from a single ingredient exhibit strong cooking prowess and creativity in the kitchen. Seda Hotel can be likened to such a versatile chef. It is not merely a comfortable and accessible place to stay, but it offers so much more.

A Taste of Victory: Seafood Laksa by Chef Albert Ledesma

Only a few restaurants in Iloilo serve Seafood Laksa. Where else can you get the best but at Seda! It houses Chef Albert’s winning dish in the Elite Chef Challenge 2016. This spicy and creamy noodle dish is cooked to perfection with the freshest of ingredients and with a unique Singaporean twist. Get a taste of this champ from 12 noon -10 pm at only P200 at Seda’s Misto Restaurant.

Chef Albert Ledesma and his champion Seafood Laksa
Vermicelli (rice noodles) with shrimp, squid balls, tempura with coconut cream and laksa paste base spiced with coriander, chili, lemongrass, and lime juice

Coffee Indulgence: Free-flowing Lattes and Cappuccinos


Coffee is always a good idea. Chat with style with your friends or meet your associates over delicious brews also at the Misto Restaurant. From 2pm-5pm, avail of their unlimited coffee with complimentary pastries and free E-lounge and Wi-Fi use for only P250. Name it and they have it. Caffee latte, Latte Macchiato, Cappucino, Espresso, and Brewed Coffee sound so good with their chocolate, banana, and cheese cakes.

Bottoms up: Beer Blast and Apericena Buffet

Executive Sous Chef, Shahab “Boo” Hesni.

14141998_1030975860356380_6674136302102168601_n 14054074_1030975713689728_1931823194400506307_n 14054953_1030975640356402_1429940349159364798_n

I’ve always loved hanging out in sky high settings. At Seda, chilling is legit with the Straight Up Bar located at the 7th Floor. It’s the newest watering hole and the first ever roof deck bar in the city. Nothing beats a great view coupled with celebratory drinks with your friends. Happy hour starts at 6pm with the Beer Blast – 40% off on all beers until 1am until October. For any order of alcoholic drink, you can also enjoy their Apericana Complimentary Buffet with a variety of cocktail dishes to choose from until 8PM.

Pinoy Nachos
Bacon Bombs

14141627_1030975543689745_8542629609411873851_n 14079864_1030975360356430_7888854806051255780_n

Potato Chips and Onion Rings


Vegetarian Sliders
Vegetarian Sliders


Bacon-wrapped Beans
Bacon-wrapped Beans

14064184_1030975427023090_7565715533426142049_n 14051712_1030975660356400_8108598691650352191_n

Beef Empanaditas
Beef Empanaditas

Seda in three ways: food, coffee, and beer. The hotel definitely covers your needs from AM to PM. That’s three good reasons for Ilonggo foodies and bar aficionados to head straight to Seda.

Bottoms up!
Bottoms up! Tita nightout starts at 6pm and ends at 8pm. Lol!

Seda Atria is located at
Pison Avenue, Atria Park District,
San Rafael, Mandurriao, Iloilo City
Tel. Nos.: (033) 506-8888, (033) 330-7555


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