Sagada Series: Bomod-ok Falls, Sagada Pottery and Weaving, Lake Danum

The second day of our Sagada trip was the most action-packed and exhausting. We drove and walked from end to end armed with lots of water, snacks, and tibay ng loob. Lol. We rose up early and headed to Bomod-ok Falls. We drove for about an hour and even got delayed along the way because of a minor landslide the night before.

Our tour guide gave us trek poles and briefed us before we started. She said that it was only a short trek (approximately 2 kilometers downhill and into the waterfalls and two kilometers back. Whatevs! We should have warmed up because that was already taxing for us. Lol. If only we could ride a zipline straight to the waterfalls.

Bomod-ok Falls

These wires serve as ziplines to transport necessities and other materials.
There is a village about 30 minutes downhill from the main road.




It was easy to regain energy while trekking. We just looked at the rice terraces around us and glanced down on our feet as we walked along the flawless rice puddles.




Sad to say that we really didn’t enjoy that much when we finally got to the waterfalls. The place was crowded. We actually wanted to take a dip, but it would probably irritate us to join such a big crowd.

Smiling outside, dying inside.
Just a few more hundreds of meters until we get to the main road.

My knees were already weak when we got to the top. We had to take a break to enjoy the view of the cascading rice terraces before we finally grabbed some lunch in the main road.



These two pretty flowers greeted us by the small cafeteria where we had lunch. Sagada is blessed to have a climate conducive to growing these blooms. We were even served with lemon juice fresh from the owners’ backyard.

Sagada Pottery

I hope the pottery’s cabin wouldn’t change in the years to come.Its bewitching facade made me imagine like I was in some horror movie.

13692549_10154384429344600_8173767408857830894_n 20160423_155225 20160423_155206 20160423_155430 20160423_155444 20160423_160140 13754538_10154384429374600_8763111448262969418_n 13731560_10154384411649600_2996646218791075888_n 13731512_10154384429359600_3451144390941349554_n Sagada Pottery is fairly new. The industry only started around two years ago. Here you can pay them for a demonstration or you can try molding the clay too for P100. Ub Ubbo brought new jobs to Sagada, added another entertaining tourist attraction, and even maximized the creativity of the natives.

Brace yourselves for the mug shots! Hashtag mugaholic.


Sagada Weaving


Sagada Weaving is an important income-generating industry in the province. For decades, it has provided jobs to the people. It features traditional designs and products ranging from slippers, bags, clothes, and other souvenirs.

Behind the main building is a work hall where the women can be seen at work. Tourists are not allowed to take photos and videos of them weaving. Watching them working will make you admire the intricacy and the patience involved in traditional weaving.

Lake Danum

It was a gloomy afternoon and so we missed watching the sunset at Lake Danum. It would have been a nice way to cap off our day.

20160423_161739 20160423_162124 20160423_094423

If not for the rice terraces, the spotless ceramic mugs, and the tickles in between, I’d totally get annoyed about going on that hike. You can consider Sagada Pottery, Bomod-ok Falls, Sagada weaving, and Lake Danum as optional spots when you plan for your Sagada itinerary. But no regrets, just all the love for these attractions. Simple, minor, yet amusing all the same.


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