Sagada Series: Kiltepan Sunrise

Catching the sunrise at Sagada’s Kiltepan Peak is mandatory. I feel like this is scheduled on the morning of the last day for most itineraries of different travel agencies for an important reason – saving the best for last.

I’ve never really liked the sunrise more than the sunset. Perhaps it’s because I am such a sleepyhead and I am just enamored by the fiery sunset.

The night before our trip to Kiltepan, our tour guide reminded us to be up at 4am so we can find a good spot at the peak. So endure your body aches from the treks the day before and resist being such a sleepyhead because it’s worth it.

We braved the wintry Sagada cold at 4:30 am to catch the sunrise. Kiltepan Peak is derived from the three surrounding villages namely Kilong, Tetep-an and Antadao. It is a 15-minute uphill drive from the town center. We were surprised that there were a lot of tourists already. The sun wasn’t out until 5:38 am that day so we had time to get some grub.

Ray’s Champorado. There are stands selling instant noodles, coffee, and other snacks.
Even the foggy dawn was beautiful.








My boyfriend’s time lapse didn’t last for more than 10 seconds. The sunrise happened so fast. As it majestically rose up over the horizon, the tourists cooed and sighed. The air was filled with “awwww”, “ohhhhs”, and “aaaahs”.

The view of the sun atop flawless white clouds with little specks of the greens from the rice terraces and pine trees below peeking through the gaps was too overwhelming to be absorbed. Such beauty to behold. I kept telling myself, “Take it in. Take it in.”

Top loading is more fun in Sagada! The ride back to Saga Heritage Village was full of laughter as we enjoyed the zigzag roads and the refreshing early morning Sagada  cold. We got a good look at the quaint little town as we drove back to our lodging houses. Fortunately, we were grouped with lively travelers who made the joyride extra entertaining.

13775813_10154384412214600_8926935755089205163_n 13781913_10154384412299600_4168066776961181699_n 13669244_10154384412074600_9075989471240178650_n 13718777_10154384412179600_8217691480726960856_n 13726799_10154384429524600_4681559199847380594_n 13754169_10154384412174600_4032854500362529854_n 20160424_063340 20160424_070329(0) The movie That Thing called Tadhana definitely brought about a large influx of tourists to Sagada. There were hundreds who were with us to watch the sunrise that it was difficult to look for a spot. Although this is a good boost to the tourism industry, it would be better if the inflow would be regulated so as not to spoil the rawness of the place. Nevertheless, the picturesque panorama still made us forget that there were hundreds of others around our tiny spot.
20160424_055740 13735016_10154384412849600_8587581042314612698_o

The thing that I was most grateful for is that I got to spend this special sunrise with Ray. Without a doubt, the Kiltepan Peak perfectly wrapped up our Sagada trip.
20160424_061616 20160424_061514 13883751_10206669285994692_1898229595_n

The sunrise signifies great beginnings and promising journeys. Each sunrise tells a story and this was ours. I was literally and figuratively on cloud nine. Looking forward to more sunrises with my love.


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