That Thing Called Sagada

Albeit small, one cannot simply undervalue the charm and the mystery that encapsulate Sagada. You are bound for an enchanting surprise in each corner of the little town. Its center and the neighboring barangays offer more than just tourist attractions. A trip to Sagada is more than just a sweet escape. It is a cultural immersion and an appreciation of a rich heritage.


I frankly couldn’t remember how we settled on going to Sagada for Ray’s vacation this year. I’d like to think that it was because of that thing called tadhana, but no. We just picked out the little town without much consideration. Except for seeing the rice terraces on the way to Sagada and the hanging coffins, we didn’t expect much from the place. Little did we know that even the trivial things about the town would fascinate us.

Where We Stayed: Sagada Heritage Village

Picking a place to stay was difficult. There are hundreds of inns, hotels, and homestays in Sagada’s town proper. After checking out the more popular ones, we finally chose Sagada Heritage Village. All because of its authentic Mayoyao Nipa Huts. After all, Ray deserved a break from all the concrete. Lol.

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I couldn’t be happier with Sagada Heritage Village. I loved the hut! Inside is only a mattress on the floor and counters where you can put all your things. Simple, fresh, and very clean. With crappy WiFi all over town and the lack of television, we truly got what we there for – a vacation that’s free from all the stress and Mobile Strike distraction. Bathrooms are for sharing with no hot shower but all clean with strong water supply, nonetheless.

Sagada Heritage Village's friendly Corky! <3
Sagada Heritage Village’s friendly Corky! ❤

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Sagada Heritage Village may be a 20-minute walk from the town, but it is less distracting and more exclusive. Fewer cars pass by so you can walk outside on the road and enjoy the view of the pines downhill. Too bad we only met the owners on our last day. They were awesome and very welcoming.

Tips on Going To Sagada

I’m no travel expert. We only signed up for a Sagada Tour Package with Travel Now Asia (Shoutout to Kuya Purgo!) and I only asked a few tips from friends who have been to Sagada prior to our trip. However, here are minor takeaways from our sweet escape:

Bring a cap and an umbrella. Apply sunblock. Do warm-up exercises. 

We relied on the fact that it was chilly in Sagada. We weren’t prepared for the short hike under the sunny open skies to Bomod-ok Falls. So even if it’s wintry, it’s safe to wear a cap and apply sunscreen before taking off each day than to endure getting sunburns. Alternatively, the weather in Sagada is so unpredictable that there can be heavy rains in the afternoon. Pack an umbrella to spare yourself from getting colds. Do some stretching to warm yourself up at the start of each day too so you won’t get too sore. Take note of more tips on going to Sagada here. Lessons learned!

Whimsical Sagada

Adorable Igorot children

If it weren’t for That Thing Called Tadhana, I bet Sagada wouldn’t be as mainstream as it is right now. I see it as a peculiar option especially because the Philippines is a tropical country. The beach is almost always the more common alternative, but I’m glad we chose it for our first trip as a couple.

You can read about the rest of our trip by clicking the links below:

Saint Mary, Echo Valley, Hanging Coffins
Bomod-ok Falls, Sagada Pottery and Weaving, Lake Danum
Kiltepan Sunrise
Sagada Food Photo Dump: Gaia Cafe, Bana’s Cafe

A funny attempt at a #followmeto shot. Missing the cool Mountain Province breeze. Thanks for putting up with my crazy, love haha
A funny attempt at a #followmeto shot. Missing the cool Mountain Province breeze. Thanks for putting up with my crazy, love haha


The walks and the drives to and fro were long, but the view of the pine trees was so relaxing. I’ve always been fond of them and I truly had a blast imagining walking into the woods wearing a cape, a flowy gown, or a trench coat while listening to the sound of the crisp leaves as I stepped on them – like a scene plucked out of a fairytale book. And thanks, love, because I got to experience Sagada with you.


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