The B Lifestyle Complex, Iloilo City

Just when we thought Iloilo had it all, a burgeoning entrepreneur created a buzz by putting up a unique commercial building, the first of its kind in the city. Owner Roy Betita prides on his newest business venture, The B Lifestyle Complex.

Where is it? Just look for the Big B. (Photo from The B's Official FB Page)
Where is it? Just look for the Big B. (Photo from The B’s Official FB Page)

“The B Lifestyle Complex is a sustainable synergy of residential and commercial spaces that altogether provide work-life balance to our highly lively community.

The B draws strength from our lifestyle brands: BED+BATH Serviced Suites, BARN Breakfast Bistro, BONDS Coworking Space, BASICS Convenience Store, BREEZY Laundry Made Easy, BOOST Fitness Gym, BLUSH Beauty Bar and BALANCE Earth Friendly Lifestyle.”

The alliteration is quite noticeable yet this is not simply a gimmick or a praise to the time-honored poetic device. Roy credits all these bold moves and achievements to his father who inspires him in all his undertakings.

I must say, though, the scheme is catchy and it had all the Iloilo Bloggers talking. Luckily, Roy invited us over for a staycation. Who are we to say no?

Let me give you a virtual tour of The B Lifestyle Complex.

Basics: All You Need and More


Excuse this TMI, but my period surprisingly arrived the afternoon we checked in at the B. Basics was to the rescue. I just went down the stairs and got a pack of sanitary napkins.  This convenience store has you covered from dry and canned goods, hot snacks, beverages, school and office supplies, toiletries, and even over-the-counter medications.

Breezy: Laundry Made Easy


Life is so much easier with coin laundry. Breezy operates from 7AM-10PM daily. Who would bother to manually wash his clothes when coin laundry is only P55 for 10kilos? The services are not exclusive to hotel guests, by the way. Drop off dirty clothes; pick them up clean at The B.

Bright Future Financing


Bright is, as in Roy’s words, the family’s bread and butter. It offers lending services at fair interest rates.

Balance Earth Friendly Lifestyle

Click pictures to expand.

Balance features a strong battery of brands that are all organic and eco-friendly. It carries Messy Bessy, Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm, All Organics Bath & Body Wellness Essentials, Oryspa, Botany Works, Mommy Patch Made in Nature, De Boer Organique, Scents and Sensibilities, Giga, and Island Basics.

Boost Beyond Fitness: For Health, Fitness, and Beyond


Boost Beyond Fitness is the first medical fitness center in Iloilo. It offers personal training, fitness programs, athlete conditioning, functional training, sports injury rehab, MMA, plyometrics, cross-training, RIP60, Zumba, and calisthenics. The gym aims to promote a holistic fitness approach through the expertise of their coaches, professional trainers, and affiliated physicians and nutritionists.

Blush Beauty Bar

Just when I thought I'd finally embrace my natural curls, I had a glimpse of what it looks like if it's straight again. Haha first world probs ba? #BlushBeautyBar
Finally, my hair gets some attention after 8 long months. Three inches off and it’s still this long. Just when I thought I’d finally embrace my natural curls, I had a glimpse of what it looks like if it’s straight again. Thanks to the friendly and funny stylist of Blush for my haircut and blowdry and for the haircare tips for my very fine and thin hair too.

Cross out distracting and ogling passersby. I think I’ve found my new go-to hair stylist at the Blush. Personally couldn’t go a month without getting a pedicure. I had a good one at the Blush. My toenails were handled gently and delicately. Also, I have to mention that they disinfect their tools before and after use. Happy toenails, happy me!

Bonds Coworking Space

Coworking is probably one millennial word that I really like. Bonds is everything a savvy could ask for: speedy and reliable internet connection, unlimited beverage (coffee, tea, water) and snacks, and adequate sockets for phones and laptops. It is a very conducive environment for students, freelancers, readers, startup geeks, bloggers, and more. Bonds at the B Lifestyle Complex also offers a shared business address and telefax numbers. They have projectors, printers, photocopier, and scanners ready to use. I love each corner!

Books at #Bonds. #vscocam #vscoph #books #Bondscoworkingspace #BLifestyleComplex #potd
Books at Bonds.
"There is a loneliness in this world so great that you can see it in the slow movement of the hands of a clock." - Love is a Dog From Hell, Charles Bukowski #vscocam #vscoph #potd #charlesbukowski #book #books #Bondscoworkingspace #BLifestyleComplex #IloiloBloggers
“There is a loneliness in this world so great that you can see it in the slow movement of the hands of a clock.” – Love is a Dog From Hell, Charles Bukowski


Barn Breakfast Bistro


The Barn is a bistro with breakfast favorites and a striking theme that millenials would want for an Instagram background. Lol.  As the cliché goes, breakfast can make or break your day. The Barn is definitely where you can jumpstart your day right. Read about The Barn here.

Bed and Bath Serviced Suites

The B says, “#BeOurGuest!” This note is proof that The B loved having us there. This simple note made us feel that we were warmly welcomed.

Just like the whole building, the bedrooms at the Bed and Bath Serviced Suites are minimalist in design. It has the features of a studio-type condo, but has strategic partitions that can ensure a goodnight’s sleep. My roomie Nana and I take staycations seriously. We always prefer to stay and lounge inside our room all the time. We capped off our day earlier than the others and cherished the soft pillows, comfy bed, and the plush blanket.

Bed and Bath Serviced Suites at the B Lifestyle Complex has 22 bedrooms named after iconic places both here and abroad that start with letter B. Each room features a sleek canvass that complements its name. Their rates are very reasonable especially for long term stays.

How heartwarming is this, right? The B has rooms with balconies that are reserved for guests with pets.
How heartwarming is this, right? The B has rooms with balconies that are reserved for guests with pets.

The B Lifestyle Complex stands as a proof of the owners’ advocacies – fair trade, equal standing, ecological responsibility, and sustainable synergy. The B will also prove that even families and friends can work as business partners. The head honcho believes that they are stronger together.

As we were sitting down at The Barn, I listened to Roy with utmost admiration. To listen to a leader I look up to since high school speak about his passion and share about his brainchild is very inspiring.

The B says “We love having you here.” Oh boy, we loved being there too.

The B Lifestyle Complex is located at
Diversion Road-Cuartero Jaro, Iloilo City
Tel. Nos.: (033)-323-3333 or text 0977-8333-000



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