Wedding Cake Trend: Mrs. Wharton’s Naked Cakes

We’re all used to seeing wedding cakes frosted with white icing and lavishly garnished with decorations. But when news broke out that Angelina Jolie’s wedding cake was almost frosting-free (made by her son Pax), brides all over the world likewise embraced the concept. If you’re a couple who wants to veer from the tradition, then Mrs. Wharton’s Naked Cakes are for you. See, you can be bold and go naked on your wedding! (Oopsie!) 😉

Beautiful setup at Mrs. Wharton
Beautiful setup at Mrs. Wharton


In any wedding, the cake is the centerpiece. It should be a reflection of the couples’ style and taste. In some cakes, the frosting always makes up for the lack of flavor, but this doesn’t hold true for Mrs. Wharton. Her naked cakes are sophisticated, beautiful, and legitimately edible. Mrs. Wharton’s Wedding Package consists of 1 big wedding cake and 10 small cakes. The wedding cake is either red velvet or banana carrot. The smaller cakes are perfect giveaways for principal sponsors. They come in two or three layers and are red velvet, dark chocolate, and apple cinnamon. Clearly, one advantage of showcasing naked cakes on your wedding is being able to treat your guests with different flavors without the trouble of finding the right frosting to match.

Mrs. Wharton and her daughter, Anja. We can only imagine how extravagant the dessert table would be at Anja’s wedding in the future! (Photo by Nana Jover)
Nana Jover, the blushing bride este blogger. Just to give you a glimpse of how you would look like amidst these charming naked wedding cakes.
Charming towers of naked cakes with romantic cascades of fresh roses. ❤

Mrs. Wharton also showcased her new creations: Ice Cream Cakes! Surely, she couldn’t stop in bringing new cake recipes to the Ilonggo palate.

Queen Elizabeth (P75) – Vanilla Apple Walnut Ice Cream Sandwich
London Bridge (P85) – Cheesecake Caramel Ice Cream Cake
Big Ben (P95) – Oreo Ganache Cream Cheese Ice Cream Cake


Mrs. Wharton offers lots of various cakes too. You can check out them out on Facebook to check what’s available daily.


These delectable concoctions are so beautifully crafted that it makes it so difficult for anyone to cut into them. They say a wedding cake is a symbol of good luck and fertility. Well, with the look and the taste of Mrs. Wharton’s Naked Cakes, you’re definitely not shortchanged. After all, the cakes clearly manifest a long-lasting, rich, and happy marriage.

Mrs. Wharton London Bakes and English Teas is located at the lobby of Spa Riviera,
General Luna St.
Iloilo City


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