Spa Riviera: Sweet Bali Escape

It’s already hardly possible for me to go on a trip out of town before this year ends. As much as I want to, I don’t have the time and the budget for it. So much for hoping for a shenanigan for the last quarter of 2016. Before I throw tantrums out of frustration, I was invited to a sweet escape… to Bali in Iloilo! Mrs. Ana Marie Rivera-Wharton’s invite to visit the newly renovated Spa Riviera was very timely. I was in dire need of some “me-time”.

Guess what, my favorite corner at the spa is the Male Waiting Area. No, I didn’t sneak myself in.

Bali-inspired Spa Riviera

Mrs. Wharton’s recent trip to Bali inspired her to refurbish the spa. She wanted to bring the colors of Bali and combine it with Filipino hospitality that Spa Riviera is already known for.

Trinkets and fabrics purchased from Bali



Bali is known for being the ultimate retreat for those who are exhausted and weary. It’s the perfect hideaway for those who want to “eat, pray, love”. The Balinese feels start from the moment you climb up the stairs of Spa Riviera. It strongly clings to the concept of being in harmony with nature with the local materials used and the water pots on display that exemplify the floating pavilions with ponds full of water lilies in Bali. Balinese architecture, in general, exudes a calm and relaxing vibe that helps you to reflect and be at peace with your inner self. These design elements are very ideal for one to unwind and contemplate and this is exactly what Mrs. Wharton wanted to let her clients experience.


“Details create the big picture.” – Sanford Well

Gayuma Packages from Spa Riviera

For a nurse like me, a spa sesh isn’t an inessential splurge. It’s a necessary escape that is actually allowed to turn into a routine. (I am not making excuses here. I need the spa!) I can enumerate all its health benefits, but it all comes down to this – it makes me feel good.

Spa Riviera offers affordable Gayuma Packages. For  P650, one can enjoy their signature Gayuma Massage coupled with Maanyag & Aroma Facial Massage OR Masinaw Body Massage OR Kalipay Foot Massage.

Andrea and I had our Gayuma Massage with Maanyag Facial Massage. We had an hour of whole body massage with hot stone therapy and a 30-minute facial. Look at our Balinese Kimono Robes. I forgot to grab a flower to tuck behind my ear.

To be honest, I wasn’t physically exhausted last week during this spa session. I was pressured, uhhhh, I still am, about so many things. To make the matters worse, I had PMS. That quick half day trip to a mini Bali at Spa Riviera made me forget about my burdens and relieved my cramps. That short yet sweet escape was undoubtedly a great mood booster too. Haha! I was jam-packed with  happy hormones when I went home – the same feeling that I get every time I travel.

GIFT IDEA. Spa Riviera also recently launched their Gayuma Massage Oil (Oil Base – Grape Seed Oil, Essential Oil – Ylang-ylang) for only P280. Ylang-ylang is an instant mood booster and also acts as a natural remedy.

I may not have the time and the budget to travel this December and throughout the first quarter of 2017, but a quick trip to Spa Riviera every now and then can suffice. Imagine, P50 to and from Bali? That is definitely enough to brighten me up.

Spa Riviera is located at the
2nd Floor, Jabez Building,Gen. Luna St., Iloilo City
Tel.No.: (033) 338-2332


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