Holidays with Carlo's

The holidays started early for 130 children after Carlo’s Bakery broke the internet by giving in to a simple post that went viral. The post garnered a total of 83k likes and the modest request of feeding 50 children grew into a bigger event which also included other sponsors.


By taking the challenge, Carlo’s Bakery echoes that “Goodness is meant to be shared”. Just recently, Carlo’s Bakery Café’s main branch had also undergone a renovation to serve its loyal and new customers better. It also launched new cake flavors and new dishes on their menu which we were invited to try last Saturday.

Carlo’s Bakery’s Cakes

Going home with a cake always brings smiles to our loved ones’ faces. With the wide selection of Carlo’s Cakes readily available, you can be sure that you can spice up your pasalubongs every now and then.

Lots of flavors to choose from
Black Velvet (P499)
Chocolate Caramel Cake
Vanilla Choco Cake (P299)
Blueberry Cheesecake (P560)

Carlo’s Bakery Cafe’s Menu


Lasagna (P165)
Carlo’s Chicken (P130)
Mango Shake (P75)
Grilled Creamy Chicken Pesto (P185)

Not all people are aware that aside from pastries and cakes, Carlo’s Bakery also serves full meals and even accepts catering services. Their carbonara is a bomb, for one. By trying their dishes, you can tell the quality of the ingredients used and the originality of their recipes. I loved my Grilled Creamy Chicken Pesto. Creamy enough with just the right amount of strong flavors from the pesto.


Click the photos to read their new menu.

Carlo’s Bakery maintained a homey feel, but revamped the whole place to make it look fresher. It also added new shelves to ensure the breads’ fluffiness and freshness.

Carlo’s Bakery’s Breads and Pastries

Carlo’s Bakery offers a broad selection of pasalubongs, pastries, treats, and cakes. You’ll never run out of choices once you step into their main branch.

This holiday season; let’s take advantage of the time off from school and work to be with our loved ones. There’s one good place to share all the goodness – Carlo’s Bakery Café.

Carlo’s Bakery Cafe is located at
117 Benigno Aquino Avenue
Iloilo City, Philippines
Tel.Nos.: (033) 3211592 or 3210847



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