Tips on Shopping at S&R Iloilo


S&R, a membership shopping club patterned after warehouse membership shopping chains in the United States, recently opened its second branch in the Visayas here in Iloilo City. On its Grand Opening Day last December 16, Ilonggos eagerly lined up early in the morning before its gates opened. Most of the customers even endured staying for 8 hours inside the warehouse to complete their shopping list, get a taste of their NY Pizza, and perhaps just ogle and survey the area. Mind you, shopping here is not a walk in the park. So here are some helpful tips on shopping at S&R Iloilo.

1. Membership-only Shopping

Only club members can enter, shop, and dine at S&R Iloilo. Applications are accepted every day from 9 AM – 6 PM at the store. Gold membership is only P700 for the first year. The photo below includes all the information about the application for Gold Membership. You can fill up an application form online here.


2. Prepare a shopping list and set a budget ahead of time.

It’s easy to be distracted by the promos and discounts at S&R. The goods are insanely at reasonable prices. But if you’re a true budget hunter, then you should secure a shopping list and set a budget prior to your trip to the store. Go over your pantry, shelves, and fridge to take note of your necessities. Consider yourself lucky and a certified thrift shopper when you’ve actually picked everything you need and still have a little extra. Then you can splurge on the inessential junk food. *proceeds to the aisles with chips and chocolates*

Gotta grab them all! ✊ #SNRIloilo #IloiloBloggers #Lays
Thou shall not be distracted by Lays.



And the enormous Chupachoops.


3. Wear appropriate clothing.

It is freezing cold inside S&R Iloilo. It was actually explained to us that the air conditioning units were under a pressure test during the media tour. But it’s actually safer to bring a cardigan or a jacket to ensure that you don’t shake and lose your focus while shopping. The warehouse isn’t a place to flaunt your clothing style. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear and tie your hair in a bun. Seriously, game face on!

Didn't get the memo on the clothing. Segway: The giant Teddy Bear is for P10,499.
Didn’t get the memo on the clothing. Segway: The giant Teddy Bear is for P10,499.

4. Bring suitable companions.

A cardholder can bring up to three non-members inside the warehouse. Do not take this perk for granted especially if you’re shopping on sale days. Reserve another day if you just want to stroll around with your senior senior citizen loved ones. Consider S&R shopping as child-free days. Eliminate the need to address tantrums.

Here’s a pro-tip: Bring at least two valuable, able, and equally persistent and patient companions to the store. Although S&R Iloilo has ample parking space, finding a slot can be tough especially with the Christmas rush. Assign a driver/parking space spotter and a shopping cart hunter so that you can rush into the store and start grabbing the items on your list. Two aisles into getting done, have the shopping cart hunter line up to the counter with the shortest line. The driver then must already be at the foodcourt lining up for your pizza. You’re welcome.

5. Don’t take their NY Pizza for granted.

S&R Iloilo’s foodcourt also offers their famous pizza, calzones, muffins, churros, and Southern Style Chicken. All these with bottomless soda or juice, your pick. I never doubted on taking two slices of pizza. I would even gobble up another if I hadn’t taken too much time Instagramming. Ugh.



Cheese and Pepperoni Pizzassssss


Just tried to be a little discreet there. I actually ate the pizzas with my mouth open wide – the right way to devour it.

6. Bring a lot of patience with you.

There will be a lot of bumping, countless attempts to cut in line, or even hunger pangs when you shop especially on sale days. Let this be your mantra: “Patience is not the ability to wait but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.” (Joyce Meyer)

Smile and shrug off the negativity. There should be no room to be agitated while shopping. Just bear in mind that at the end of the day, your pantry will be full and you’ll finally lick some cheese off your fingers from your giant Cheetos.

What to Buy for… Apple:


Check out the rest of the items here:

Other Friendly Reminders:

(Credits to PR & Event Circuit)

  • IDs can be used in all S&R Branches nationwide.
  • You can go to S&R and buy only 1 item. No need to be bulk or volume shoppers.
  • You can go inside and just have a snack. No need to purchase at the store.
  • TAKE VERY CARE OF YOUR RECEIPT! You cannot go out if you fail it to present to the checkers.
  • Take care of your personal belongings.
  • Large bags are subject to random inspection upon exit.
  • Unpaid merchandise must not be consumed or opened.
  • No smoking, no picture taking inside, no pets allowed, no deadly weapons, and no bringing of outside food and drinks.

Where is S&R Iloilo?


S&R Iloilo is located at
Brgy. San Rafael, Mandurriao, Iloilo City


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