New at Mrs. Wharton: British Breakfast and Schublig Sandwich

It has been a little over a year since Mrs. Wharton opened its doors as a small pastry shop at the lobby of Spa Riviera General Luna Branch. Since then, it has grown into a well-loved Ilonggo brand that offers hearty meals and desserts. Now a trendy and popular hangout for young and old alike, Mrs. Wharton continues to impress our palates with something new every so often. It is now open from 7:30 am to 11pm and offers breakfast meals and schublig sanwiches that you can dress the way you want.

British Breakfast

The only choice my workmates and I have for breakfast after night shifts are fastfood chains. Now we have somewhere else to go to – my favorite Mrs Wharton! Their English breakfast is available from 7:30am-12noon. Your P150 breakfast plate will get you through the whole morning with spam/sausage, bacon, toast, and egg. Add-ons are only for P30-50 each.Β  ❀

British scones
Dulce de leche brioche pudding
Salted caramel pancakes
Fresh fruits
Coffee muffins
Cheesy frittata
Waldorf salad




My first helping.


Fully-loaded English breakfast/brunch plates at Mrs. Wharton’s for the semi-tired nurses from night shift. The combos and the desserts are perfect for a great kickstart or cap off. I think their rich coffee just helped us recover from our K-drama hangover.

Dress your Schublig

Schublig, a traditional Swiss sausage made from cuts of beef and pork, goes good on a bun. Mrs. Wharton hit it right again with herΒ #Dressyourschublig!

Can you tell how happy I am with my schublig sandwich? πŸ™‚

Take it from me, always dress the sausage, not the bun! Apply the wet condiments first followed by the chunky ones. The relish, spices, and cheese are finishing touches.19905229_463154517392994_2924398796217780695_n

Here’s what I did: I put on ketchup and mustard on the schublig, added chili con carne on one side and cheese on the other side. The spices from the schublig itself is enough to make it complete. Voila, a simple, but flavorful schublig on a bun.

Chili con carne
The Schublig Station. Wide variety of condiments and toppings change every week.

Check out more menu choices at Mrs. Wharton:



Mrs. Wharton’s naked cakes are still available for pre-order. These are perfect wedding cakes and also comes with a discounted bridal shower package at Spa Riviera.

Mrs. Wharton herself doesn’t stop exploring and trying out new cake recipes. Just take a look at this Ferrero Rocher cake!


Andrea of Feature Iloilo, Me, Raymart Escopel of Randomly Candid, and Nana Jover of A Not So Secret Life. (Credits to Nana for the photo)

We’ve seen how Mrs. Wharton has expanded and the bloggers and I couldn’t be prouder of its success. We fell in love with the food, the owner, staff, and its homey vibes on the day it opened. Now, my friends tell me that they love it too. Only goes to show that success is just around the corner if there is passion and sincerity in business. Congratulations, Ms. Babes, Anja, and the whole staff and crew. πŸ™‚


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